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My name is Ruth Allen and I am a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. My focus is helping people change their lives for the better. Hypnotherapy is therapy carried out in hypnosis. Hypnosis is deep relaxation, and the client is conscious throughout the session.

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Helping people transform their lives. Ruth's goal is to help clients to achieve their goals, in the shortest time possible. Working at the root of the problem to produce long lasting change. All her work is client focused and views time with clients as a partnership.

I have always worked for myself, this allows me the freedom to work and be a Mother.

I am passionate about hypnosis and the power we have within to change our lives for the better.


The problem with most smokers is that they cannot see themselves being smoke free. Hypnotherapy can create smoke-free pictures that the subconscious accepts and acts upon.
Why do people continue to smoke?
People know that smoking is bad for them, then why do people continue to gamble with their health. The simple answer is a big “fear”.
You have nothing to fear except fear itself. Be honest with yourself. Look at your fears of becoming smoke free and you will probably realise that the only fear between you and being smoke-free is your fear of going through the pain of not smoking.
Hypnosis makes it easier to quit the smoking habit.
• Hypnosis helps take away the cravings we fear.
• Hypnosis removes the feelings of wanting a cigarette.
• Hypnosis helps ease that feeling of needing a cigarette.
• Yes, what the subconscious mind can conceive and visualize in hypnosis, you can achieve.
• Yes, because with hypnosis, that feeling of being deprived of a cigarette fades very quickly.
• Usually after one session of hypnosis, most people will feel more confident and determined that they can and will achieve their goal.

IBS is a common condition affecting one in four of the population, half of which have it so severe that it prevents them from working.
Within the field of evidence-based medicine, hypnotherapy has been proven to be 70% effective in treating this condition.
Hypnotherapy is non intrusive, safe, comfortable and a cost effective modality to complement mainstream medicine. Some in the profession would in this case argue it is ‘alternative’ treatment since the medical profession are generally at a loss with this condition. The job of the hypnotherapist is to help the client to control their gut rather than their gut control them.

Hypnotherapy has a proven track record in understanding and stopping addictive behaviour. The skill of the hypnotherapist is essential in finding the most successful ways of rapidly breaking the patterns of addiction.
Hypnotherapy has a proven track record with addictions because the subconscious mind can be accessed in trance hypnosis to help conquer both the physical and psychological aspects of the disease.

Using hypnosis we seeks to understand a patient's unresolved trauma and how it is related to issues such as addiction, depression, and anxiety. Trauma can refer to issues that were one-time occurrences, such as being the victim of a natural disaster or a crime, as well as suffering prolonged trauma due to domestic violence, child abuse, or military combat exposure.
Living with trauma can have a huge impact on daily life. This is because the level of emotional arousal about the memory is too high to be processed through the brain. Stress hormones, such as cortisol are still attached to the memory, and get produced whenever you bring the memory to mind, either consciously or subconsciously.
Events that occurred years ago, can still feel as if they happened yesterday.
People often think that, in time these memories will fade. However memories of times and events that are still wrapped in trauma need help to be processed through the brain and into the long-term memory.

Feelings of depression can be a normal reaction to some of life’s up's and downs. Events or stressors such as a bereavement, job loss, retirement, injury, illness or the termination of a relationship can all lead to feeling's of depression. Depression can be triggered by a normal reaction to the traumatic events one encounters in life such as: marital conflict, physical or sexual abuse, economic deprivation, social skills deficits, problem solving skills deficits, self-management skills deficits, dysfunctional ways of thinking and perceiving the world.
Anxiety disorders effect 60% of those who have depression and these include social phobias, agoraphobia, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder etc.
Hypnopsychotherapy is ideally suited to those who are depressed. Hypnotherapy is firstly used to calm the mind using trance hypnosis, combined with relaxation skills, breathing retraining, guided imagery, relaxation conditioning techniques and solution-focused therapy.

A large percentage of my clients present themselves for hypnotherapy with anxiety symptoms. With anxiety, the focus is internal. It is subjective, free-floating, out of control. One can have a feeling of ‘impending doom’ or a sense of a vague, distant or unrecognised danger.
Anxiety effects your whole being. It is an emotional, physiological, mental and behavioural reaction all at once.
If a client becomes anxious in a specific situation, this is called situational anxiety or phobic anxiety. Once a client has experienced an anxiety attack they have a tendency to develop anticipatory anxiety or apprehension in fearful anticipation of the next one. It is negative conditioning.

Panic disorders including fears and phobias respond excellently to hypnopsychotherapy because all are learned behaviours and come under the heading of cause and effect and once the cause is unearthed during hypno-regression, the emotional effects dissipate. The most common fear I treat are:
• Blushing
• Examinations
• Flying
• Driving/Driving tests
• Spiders
• Birds
• Heights
• Dentists
• Open spaces
• Social phobia
• Dogs
• Failure
• Medical procedures (needles, anaesthesia etc)
• Water
• Sexual performance anxiety
• Losing control
Phobias and the resulting panic are some of the most debilitating conditions that can affect the human population. They represent the ultimate panic attack. Once triggered, the heart races, the head spins, palms sweat, knees buckle and breathing becomes laboured. The vision may blur and, in some cases, a fainting spell occurs. Some who are particularly hard hit say it feels as if they are going to have a heart attack.

It is estimated that over 40 million Europeans are suffering from stress in the workplace. A recent Examiner article stated that 91% of employees are sick with worry citing the psychosomatic connection between stress and physical illness. It is a well known fact in the hypnotherapy field that 80% of symptoms are psychosomatically caused by the subconscious mind and it is a watershed to find that current research is confirming this fact.
It is worth noting that:
• Anxiety or depression comprises over 80% of all mental or addictive disorders
• One in every four adults suffers from anxiety or depression
• Less than 30% of those with anxiety disorders received professional help
• Only 50% of those experiencing major depression received professional help
• Only 40% of those who have chronic or mild depression for more than two years received professional help
The body is often the first indicator that stress has reached the level of distress. It responds quickly to real or perceived threats. In the classic situation, if our senses tell us that our lives are in Jeopardy, the body gears up for immediate battle or speed. All internal systems respond: the heart speeds up, the breath becomes more rapid, muscles tense, eyes dilate, the gastrointestinal system disrupts digestive processes, nerves and hormones respond. By this “fight or flight” stress response, we instinctively gird for action.
Extensive research in several fields of medicine and psychology, including brain chemistry, neurobiology, immunology, and psychoendocrinology, attest to the body/mind connection.

An inability to sleep naturally and peacefully is main problem for the majority of adults who complain of insomnia.
There are generally three types of insomnia:
(1) Primary Insomnia where the person has great difficulty in falling asleep.
(2) Mid Insomnia where the person wakes up halfway through the sleep cycle
(3) Terminal Insomnia where the person wakes up too early and is unable to get back to sleep.
Usually, the main cause of sleep disturbance is “rumination”, that is the persons thoughts keep going round and round in their heads and they are unable to stop the process.
There are two types of insomnia based on duration. Acute insomnia is more common than chronic insomnia.
• Acute insomnia: This type of insomnia lasts for a short time – from several nights up to three weeks and goes away on its own without treatment.
• Chronic insomnia: Insomnia that lasts longer than three weeks is classified as chronic insomnia. Nearly 1 in 10 people have chronic insomnia which often requires some form of treatment to counter it.

The only safe and sure way to control weight is by exercising and by changing your eating habits. You may have struggled with diets which are sometimes self-defeating. These diets stress what you cannot eat, setting up an inner conflict that can enforce a craving. A better approach is to eat three balanced meals; eating thing you like – but in sensible amounts. With hypnosis, your inner mind can regulate what is a sensible amount for you.
There are no magic pills that have any lasting effect, until you change your way of thinking first. A slim body begins with slim thoughts, just as a healthy body begins with healthy thoughts.
This hypnotherapy weight loss therapy will help you take off weight quickly, easily, naturally, and permanently. You can create a new attitude of yourself as slim, healthy and energetic.