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Why Roberts Nathan Financial Services & Wealth Planning?

Financial Services & Wealth Planning can be a complicated area. Our aim is to simplify it. We want to encourage you to secure your future by planning for it today. Along with our parent company, Roberts Nathan, Business Advisors, Audit & Tax we offer our clients a service based around tax efficiency, inheritance planning, taxation compliance and fiscal competence.

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Protect your future by protecting your present earning ability.
There are many different types of protection products, from very short-term sickness and accident policies to whole-of-life policies. Income Protection is designed to cover you against an accident or ill health. It differs from Critical Illness as it pays you an income rather than a lump sum.

There are circumstances in which your protection needs can be met, partially or fully by more than one type of protection cover e.g. a life assurance need might be met by both a term assurance policy and also whole-of-life cover. The objective is for us to get the cover package that best meets your needs and financial outlay available for e.g. a life cover only policy for the consumer who only needs life cover.

Life insurance has a key part to play in your effective financial plan.

When it comes to providing advice Roberts Nathan Financial Services are clear that attention is always focused on your needs, which means we’re “partner-agnostic” and provide impartial advice . We look at your requirements first and then consider the most competitive, comprehensive life insurance products on the market to ensure you get the best solution. This frees you up so you can get on with the doing the day job and enjoy living your life.

There are a range of beneficial business owner protection insurance policies. You may have heard the terms co-directors protection, partnership protection or ‘keyman’ insurance? If you need to protect yourself and your business from serious illness and/or death then we can help you to put this cover in place for yourself and for your key people.

There are many products and services available which can be tailored for you, including two other products:

Make sure you get your pension on the right path.
This is the ideal time to start planning for your retirement. No matter what your age planning now for your retirement is essential. You can ensure you get the best pension to help you fully enjoy your retirement years by talking to Roberts Nathan Financial Services. And remember, if you already have a pension we confirm if it’s working as effectively as possible for you.

Whether you are self-employed, on contract, an employee or a company director, we’ll help you get the best pension so that you get all the financial and regulatory answers to the key questions:

Explain in simple language the complex terminology
Regular saving is an ideal way to build up money over time to meet your financial needs and goals. And if you’ve already built up a lump sum, then investing could be the appropriate option.

Savings plans and Investment opportunities can be looked at under a number of headings: