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At Richdale Health & Wellness Hypnosis Clinic we believe that every person has the potential to live the happiest and healthiest life that they deserve. A family-run clinic highly trained in the field of hypnotherapy we have helped countless clients uncover what it is that prevented them from living optimally.

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We love that everyday we get to help and support our clients to become the best version of themselves, through the power of their wonderful mind. No medication required.

We wanted to make a difference and help as many people as we could make positive changes in their lives through the power of their subsconscious mind and take back control of their life from food, smoking, anxiety/stress etc etc

We are two sisters who are passionate about what we do, we have helped 100's of clients with Weight Management, Quit Smoking, Stress/Anxiety and lots more. We are constantly learning new techniques to further help our clients on their journey to the new "YOU"

We provide our services face to face in the clinic or online via Zoom, Skype or Whatapp.

We are following all HSE COVID 19 guidelines, including wearing masks, 2 metres between the therapist and the client. Full disinfection of all surfaces hourly between clients.


Weight Management, Quit Smoking, Anxiety/Stress, Fears & Phobia and anywhere you want permanent change in your life.

Our new Complete 360 Online Weight Management Programme, focus on the mind and body, losing weight and feeling great through weight loss hypnosis.

What you can expect from the next 6 weeks!
6 Hypnotherapy Sessions
3 Day Detox Plan
6 Week Meal plan
Healthy Recipes
6 Week Excercise Plan
6 Week Excercise Videos
Constant Support through our Private Facebook Group
Continued Motivation
All of this with full Unlimited Lifetime access anytime you need it !
​If you would have an questions or need help contact us on 083 181 8238 Email: info@richdalehw.ie or message us via Facebook Messanger or WhatsApp.
This is your time to shine! 😊

Buy today on:https://www.richdalehw.ie/shop.html

Our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Therapy takes 1 session and your smoke free. No cravings, no weight gain, no stress. Contact us now.https://www.richdalehw.ie/quit-smoking.html