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Whether you are
- a beginner taking advantage of the spare time during the lockdown, or
- a singer that needs to keep practicing to be ready when gigs will start again,
I can help You to become a Better Singer, so that you can discover your real voice, how to use it with confidence and have fun with it, without using boring exercises but having fun lessons instead!

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12 April 2021

Singing Lessons

For years I thought that I could not sing and this bothered me a lot as I would love to sing but would never dare to do so in public. So I decided to start lessons to see if I could or could not sing. Right from my first lesson with Plinny she gave me
the assurance and confidence I needed to start my journey
during which I have learned so much about myself and my voice.The transformation has been amazing "I CAN SING".
I certainly recommend Plinny to anyone who thinks they cannot sing and would love to because after a singing course with Plinny like me you will be singing at every oppurtunity.

Plinny Phoenix - Better Voice Now

Reply from Plinny Phoenix - Better Voice Now

Thanks a mil for your kind words! You can absolutely sing, and well :D Also you are a talented performer that puts the emotions into every song you sing! Thanks for letting me be part of your journey!

9 April 2021

Singing Lessons

I'll be honest at first I wasn't sure, but after doing the exercises for a couple weeks my vocal range has expanded so much, going up by an octave. Feel so much more confident in my singing now than ever before. Thanks Plinny. More...

Plinny Phoenix - Better Voice Now

Reply from Plinny Phoenix - Better Voice Now

Thanks so much Jack! I'm so happy to hear that! I can't wait to hear your new songs :)

4 April 2021

Singing Lessons

I am 66 year old, semi retired lady who had spent all my life thinking I couldn’t sing. I was told at school, that I was a ‘crow’ and I firmly believed it. However deep down i felt that I if I had been encouraged as a child I would have been able to put some notes together.
I went to look for help and discovered Plinny. I had sent in my request for help and from the first telephone conversation she made me feel confident that I could learn to sing.
I am now into lesson 8 and other than the fact that I have accomplished the melody and lyrics for my favourite song, I am enjoying each lesson 100%. Plinny is very encouraging, strict when she needs to be and has always made me feel I can achieve what I set out to do.
I feel truly blessed that I found her.
A true professional, with all the traits of a truly caring lady.

Plinny Phoenix - Better Voice Now

Reply from Plinny Phoenix - Better Voice Now

Oh Anne thanks so much for your kind words! I'm so happy for you and super proud of your commitment, passion, and singing achievements in such quick time!


Being part of someone else's journey to be their Better Self and reach their dreams, whether is about singing, business, fun, or personal life. Every person deserves to do and be who they really are, to discover and unleash their inner Rockstar!

I've always been a performer since a was 8 years old and having fun with it.
I want not only to transmit my passion but also I want to share with you all my secrets and the secrets of high success performers so that you can shine as you deserve and give voice to your Truth!

I keep you accountable, I support you when you need help, I cheer you out when you feel down, I motivate you when you feel lazy or low energy, I celebrate with you when you achieve every single step, I help you to reach your goals and don't give up. I have faith in your abilities and enough confidence to help you on the way to your success! Aaaand.... I'm all for fun lessons because singing makes us happy! :D

Yes, I do the sessions online on Zoom that is a free video conference platform and it is very easy to use.
I have a calendar where you can book the day and time that suits you and I'll send you the link to Zoom just right before the call. I also record every session so that you can keep it and watch it again.

To keep everybody safe during the pandemic, I've moved all my classes and courses from the studio to online.
I do all my sessions online on Zoom, that is a free video conference platform and it is very easy to use.


If you feel anxious when talking on video,
If you don't know what to talk about,
if you don't know even how to start with video,
If you don't know how to express your ideas and message,

With 1:1 coaching, you will learn:
to be confident in video and talking to your audience,
to go from insecure to a Confident VideoStar,
to bring your message and ideas on camera,
to get more clients through video,
to create videos that make you appear as an expert

so that you can connect to your ideal client and make more sales without sacrificing who you really are.

If you feel stuck,
If you don't know what makes you special,
if you want to find your inner voice,

You will learn how to find the fire you have inside,
to be aware of your superpowers,
to make your idea and dream happen,
to Give Voice to Your Truth.

We will do that with 1:1 coaching, working on your strengths, flaws, and building the person you want to be without getting stuck anymore and without having to give up!

If you have to talk a lot in your job and find your voice sore after hours of speaking,
If you feel your audience is not listening and want to add more color to your voice,
If you have been told that your speaking is flat and boring,
we will prove them wrong!

You will learn how to put emotions into your words,
to express who you really are speaking in person or on video,
to give color and shades to your voice so that you can make an impact on someone else's lives with your work and message.

All of this without complicated techniques, and without sacrificing who you really are!

If you want to have fun singing,
If you don't know what your real voice is,
If you want to get better at singing,
If you want to perform but don't know where to start,
If you are not confident in front of an audience,

You will learn how to express yourself through Singing,
to discover your Real Voice,
To extend your range and sing all your fav songs,
To sing effortlessly so that you don't lose your voice,
To find your Signature Sound and stand out from the crowd,
To Have fun with Singing and enjoy every moment,
To be better every day at Singing even when you learn a new song by yourself,
To be the Singer you always wanted to be!

All this with my 1:1 coaching sessions, without losing your voice, Without pain, without complicated techniques, without spending to much time practicing, without boring exercises, Just Having Fun!!!

You don't know how to prepare a speech?
Do you feel anxious about speaking in public or on video?
You don't know how to prepare a presentation?
If you feel that your audience is not listening,
If your voice breaks when speaking or
if you forget what you have to say.....

You will learn how to prepare a speech or a presentation that can be performed both in video or live in front of an audience.
You will discover voice & body language techniques that will conquer your audience and connect to them
You will know how to talk and how to put emotions into words,
All this without breaking your voice, without forgetting your words, without getting anxious, and without sacrificing all your time and being yourself