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NB: I am currently ONLY conducting remote/online sessions using Zoom.

My name is Jean-Paul (JP).
I am the founder of Om Health and Wealth. I am a German New Medicine Practitioner, and a Hypnotherapist.
I hold a BSc in Forensics and Analytical Chemistry, a Masters Degree in Natural Medicine, and certified in Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Vedic Counselling.

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29 April 2021


PJ went to extraordinary lengths to prepare for our appointment. He made me feel comfortable, safe and understood. I’d highly recommend him.

2 April 2021


I reached out to JP after struggling with anxiety for 2 years. The sessions were really good and flew in the hour slot. I liked that I didn’t need to disclose everything in the sessions, as the hypnotherapy worked regardless of how much information I gave. After only 2 sessions with JP, I finished up my hypnotherapy with a new mindset and the tools to better manage my anxiety on my own. More...

16 March 2021


I am very grateful for all the sessions I had with JP. From the first phone call he made me feel very comfortable, so I followed my intuition to book my first session. My intuition didn’t let me down! JP is a very professional, warm, caring, hard working and very passionate about his work man. He helped me to deal with my issues, worked on them separately and my life is so much brighter thanks to him! Forever grateful. More...

15 March 2021

I went to JP for anxiety and depression.
JP looked at the two issues separately.
He made me understood that my body wasn't broken and that my body was just adapting to past negative events I've experienced.
We used time line and resolved the events.
My level of anxiety went from paralysing to 1/10 most days.
The depression is slowly shifting and I am working with my doctor to adjust my medication.
I've have done Hypnotherapy before, JP's dynamic method does is not something I have experienced before.

12 March 2021

I went to JP for weight management.
JP explained that my weight gain was related to an abandonment conflict I experienced around the same time my weight gain started. He hit the nail on the head.
He initially recommended 3 sessions, however I started to experience tremendous result after only the second session.
JP uses a very interactive and energetic Hypnotherapy technique with a touch of spirituality that will in the very least ignite a Divine spark within yourself on your way to health.
I highly recommend.

8 March 2021

I had a number of physical and psychological symptoms to address.
JP knew exactly what events caused the physical symptoms even before the Hypnotherapy session. Almost as if he could read my life story in my physical symptoms. He used Hypnotherapy to then help me resolve them.
I was free from fear and anxiety about my physical symptoms after the first session.
Expect to be blown away with JP's Hypnotherapy sessions, not your traditional old school technique. Amazing!


Seeing you free yourself from pain, challenges and sufferings.

To introduce and share GNM and Hypnotherapy with you and to show you how powerful your mind is whilst reminding you of your body's innate intelligence to heal itself. With an understanding of GNM and Hypnotherapy to see you live a life free of fear and panic.

I look at you as the whole person which includes the body, the mind and the soul regardless of the behaviour or symptoms that you need to change.
Every single symptoms and behaviour impact the pysche, the brain and the body simultaneously. I combine the knowledge of GNM with Hypnotherapy to find the exact root cause of every behaviour and symptoms (Physical and Psychological) you are experiencing. When the root cause is released from the psyche, it is also released in the mind and body which sets you free permanently and forever.

I am no longer conducting face to face session. I currently conduct all of my sessions via Zoom.

I am no longer conducting face to face session. I currently conduct all of my sessions via Zoom.


Your subconscious mind makes up 95% of your mind and drives your life experiences 'unconsciously'.
Hypnotherapy gives you the ability to access and explore your subconscious mind to make transformational profound changes and to make the unconscious conscious. Using direct suggestions and metaphors I will lead you within a profound awareness of yourself where you can connect to your Higher Self. From that place I will work with you to uncover, erase, reprogram and upgrade limiting beliefs and find the root cause of any psychological, mental, and physical challenges, pattern or behaviour providing complete freedom and healing.

Areas of specialty:
Fear, Anxiety, Addictions, Insomnia, Infertility, Libido, Enhancement of Male Sexual Performance, Erectile Dysfunction, Pain, Physical Symptoms, Motivation, Procrastination, Chronic Stress, Confidence, Creativity, Money Blocks, Bad Habits, Phobias, Weight Management, Creating a new positive inner voice, Timeline Enhancement to improve the quality of life, Making peace with loved ones who have passed on (closure) etc..

Once you understand the connection between your mind and your body, you will have the ability to change how you see the world around you, and that's when real transformations happen as life becomes conscious.

You live a reasonably healthy life, eat organically, avoid toxins, practice yoga, fasts on juices and smoothies, but still suffer with unexplained symptoms over and over again?
You have tried every single healing modality but still suffering with health challenges and constantly feel tired?

German New Medicine (GNM), is a new paradigm for you to investigate and connect your symptoms to THAT specific emotional conflict/event you experienced that created it. Create awareness of the specific conflict and break association. During an emotional shock, your subconscious mind takes a mental picture of everything you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel to protect you from future similar events. Each time you re-encounter a track without any awareness, you reactivate the conflict phase which makes your symptoms chronic or recurring. I will work with you to identify the tracks to truly resolve the conflicts and to reverse your chronic symptoms.

GNM is a new scientifically proven paradigm and awareness that our organism possesses an inexhaustible creativity and remarkable self-healing capabilities. It is the recognition that each cell of our body is endowed with a biological wisdom we share with all living beings.