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Mick has an ability to understand his client's world.This aptitude allows him to quickly create a safe trusting environment for his client's to work with him.
. clear thinking;
. excellent communication skills;
. ease of presence;
all assist his client's get to the core of their difficulties at a pace that best suits them.

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6 customer reviews

9 October 2019

I attended Mick recently. I found the experience very beneficial. Mick is able to help you help yourself in a respectful and calming way. Helped me enormously in coping with work and home stress. Allowed me to stand back and understand what was important. By far the best i have come across. Highly recommended. More...

4 October 2019

I can only but recommend Mick Lee as a Gestalt psychotherapist .I first visited Mick in August 2016 to try help me with some perceived issues and tendencies I had been displaying my entire Adult Life which were in fact holding me back and effecting my family life. I can truly say 3 years on from that day,my outlook and thought processes to deal with adversity/daily/work situations have been forever changed. These changes only occurred after speaking with Mick on a weekly basis which over time decreased as needed and required.
Micks wisdom and understanding of my situation was incredible and the tools he has shown me I still use every day .
I now walk with my head high at all times taking in life as opposed to walking with my head down and letting the thoughts smother and consume me ,then reacting to this in way that I thought was normal which in fact was far from normal.
Finally I thoroughly recommend Mick who will treat you with respect, dignity and above all else the strictest of confidence in any issues that may be effecting you.

3 October 2019

I went to see Mick Lee, Psychotherapist, immediately after I was diagnosed with cancer. I was extremely anxious and agitated. I wanted to learn how to cope with the anxiety and take control of my mental health.
Mick was very easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable with him. He was patient, kind, understanding, empathetic and also very professional. I was able to be very open and honest with him. I learned lots of practical tools and insights I needed to help me cope. I discovered the courage and resilience I needed to deal with my illness and to live a fulfilling , happy life in spite of it.
Now I keep Mick’s card in my purse. It is a comfort to know that I can make an appointment to see Mick at any time and he will welcome me with his gentle smile and compassionate ear. I am grateful beyond words to Mick and how he has supported me through this difficult time. I would highly recommend him.

2 October 2019

Mick was very compassionate & easy to talk to. He helped me to process the loss of my Father, it was a very tough time for me , but I got through it with his guidance & understanding. I gained so much from our sessions and will be forever grateful. More...

1 October 2019

I found Mick Lee to be friendly, approachable and professional. He was easy to work with and I found the techniques he suggested were specific to my needs and worked extremely well. I would highly recommend Mick.

1 October 2019

Mick is fantastic at what he does, he listened to everything I had to say without passing judgement.

He offered me guidance on handling the issues I had, and gave me the tools to deal with them going forward.

After only a couple of sessions with Mick, he told me it was completely up to myself if I wanted to return, but he assured me that I didn’t need to.

Mick certainly changed and saved my life.

Thanks Mick.