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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


New project is out:

Let's say you have a few pounds extra you wish to lose..
You know its necessary to change a diet, might even know a lot about it,
But you can't get yourself to change it..
And of course you know physical activity is crucial, might even have few good exercises in your movement library,

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9 customer reviews

18 March 2021

I know Martina for years now, and she has influenced me in many ways, even when I taught it wasn’t possible.

19 November 2020

This is really an amazing course! In all the fitness/challenge programs I've participated in, I've always felt a lack of a holistic approach to mental preparation and training combined with physical exercises. I finally found that integral view with Martina!
The sequence of the program is totally friendly with any level of weekly training, being possible to incorporate it easily into your routine. The mental exercises and meditations are of immense value and you definitely allow yourself new things! And it goes for everything in life, from physically overcoming yourself to adopting new habits that improve your daily life! Super recommended! Thank you so much, Tiki !! :)

31 October 2020

First of all, I lost 7 kgs which is a great result but that's not the only result I had with this program. Martina thought me how to change my mindset and set me up for success during this 5 weeks program, and what I know now will help me in my everyday life. I learned loads about myself in the process, and I have also broadened my horizons in terms of self discovery. Martina is great, she has been there for me everytime I needed help, has a great approach and she really cares about the people she works with. I would recommend 200% More...


Reply from MFcoaching

Thank you girl! Proud of you 😎👏

9 October 2020

Personal Trainers

Really recommend the easy fit course with Martina. Absolutely fantastic programme, it wasn’t long until I started to see results, really enjoyed the mindset side of things and learning about how much of a difference the mindset can make on achieving your goals. Overall very happy with progress I made with the programme and i will definitely keep going with everything I have learned. More...


Reply from MFcoaching

Thank you L! 💪 Keep rocking!

2 September 2020

Martina is one amazing person who have a big heart and love for others, she knows exactly how to help each person and she helps people with love and passion and she push us to the edge that we make results.
Thank you so much for all your help, support and patience. You ard the best life coach, because you think of everything. Sorry on my English, yes I work on that to, 😁.OOfc thx to you 💪💪💪

2 September 2020

I had a pleasure of working with Martina, she is professional, always available, full of knowledge and enthusiasm!!It's been great working with her, and I would recommend Martina to anybody who wants to improve quality of life!

11 January 2020

I had the chance to receive Martina’s coaching a couple of times so it’s naturally that I decided to go to her workshop to learn the Turkish get up move. I recommend 100% her teaching, you don’t just exercice you also learn about your body, your mind and the connection between them , I think every PT or fitness instructor should teach the way she does, because you actually learn different tools that help you become stronger body wise but also mind wise. More...

7 January 2020

Training with Martina was real experience. She learned me how to control my movement and reach my goals. Her aproach is verry clear and she is working not only with my body but with my minset also. True all this period I changed my habits with her help and I reccomend her to everyone who need help with taking first step. Thank you :) More...

8 December 2019

I have been training with Martina for almost 6 months and have found Martina to be extremely professional an expert in her field. Martina is very encouraging I wanted to do weights and increase my fitness and Martina has certainly helped with that. More...


I have created a specific blueprint so you can easily develop new habits and achieve your fitness goals.

Having a plan and ability to follow it.
Most coaches have a plan but don't know hot to help people when it comes to mindset.

I love to see my clients achieve greater life quality!

I was an addict a long time ago.
I wanted to make the most out of that experience. Training saved my life.
So I dedicated my life to training and teaching people how to change their lifestyle.

Only if they are 100% determined to change.
I work with only 5 people per 10 weeks,
I am choosing them.

What ever suits.
Facebook group, calls, email.

I put free access to my Facebook coaching group to help people stay healthy.
Link of the group is on my Instagram profile Tiki Fere.


Holistic lifestyle

Fitness and mindset