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At McMahon & Co Accountants Kildare we enhance the accountant client relationship. All correspondence is dealt with promptly. We provide a one-stop comprehensive taxation, accountancy, payroll & bookkeeping management service to our clients.

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15 March 2019

Mostly because they gave me clear, honest and exert advice but they were also Friendly, efficient and great value.

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At McMahon & Co Kildare Accountants we provide a one-stop comprehensove taxation, accountancy, payroll and bookkeeping management service to our clients.

Hiring an accountant is the best way to ensure you'll have the information you need. ... The right accountant and an orderly accounting system will save you time and money in the long run, allow you to put your energy and focus on what you do best, and position your business for maximum profitability and success.

Helping our clients, providing them with the support and information to maximise their business.

Our aim is to provide clients with comprehensive and professional services addressing all aspects of their business.

McMahon & Co Accountants has a depth of experience developing its own business and assisting a wide range of clients. This experience and knowledge gives us the capabilities to work with clients and ensure that commercially and financially they are positioned to achieve success.

Providing value added advice, we treat each client as an individual and tailor our recommendations accordingly. We are protective of our record, and proud that our clients stick with us and we are delighted by the number of recommendations we received from them.


We believe that an audit can and should add value to your business, our approach to the audit process is designed to ensure that it does. At McMahon & Co Accountants Kildare we view the statutory audit as a business development opportunity rather than just an overhead incurred to comply with statutory requirements.

Our audit partners and senior staff at McMahon & Co Kildare Accountants are specialists in evaluating business systems and processes, be they from small entities or large multinational organisations. These processes involve examining how businesses are operated, understanding potential for weakness and ultimately protecting client’s assets and income. Based on our detailed analysis, we advise clients on how to improve their business systems and operations.

Our audit procedures will ensure that all clients regulatory requirements are dealt with in a seamless manner thereby ensuring the minimum disruption to day-to-day business procedures.

Our audit report is well respected by financial institutions and taxation authorities. We have clients in all sectors of the economy, but we are particularly known for our strength in advising privately owned / controlled businesses in a wide range of sectors.

People and businesses are subject to a wide range of taxes including Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Stamp Duty, Value Added Tax and National Insurance. Tax planning with McMahon & Co. Kildare Accountants can help reduce or remove the effect of these taxes, whether you’re a business or individual.

Where tax is concerned we recognise the importance of considering the implications of all taxes on your circumstances and not just a particular tax you may want to review. We also take care that the tax tail is not wagging the dog and your review is undertaken for commercial reasons as well as the pure tax savings. Since tax legislation is regularly changing, we also recommend that your plans are regularly appraised.

Our job is not simply to calculate the tax due and tell you what to pay. Our job is to help you plan your business activities so as to maximise the available tax reliefs and discuss with you in advance the tax implications of business decisions.

We’re there to help you:
- Decide what form of business enterprise – should you
choose a Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company or - Rental Property.
- Manage business expansion and maximise the
available tax reliefs as your business grows
- Re-structure your business
- Avoid a tax bill when you change the nature of
- Sell a business

McMahon & Co Accountants Kildare provide a dedicated bookkeeping service either through our own company or help you to find the right service for your needs. We prepare, process and file regular VAT, PAYE/PRSI and RCT Returns and liaise with Revenue on your behalf.

Compliance is an important issue and we provide a timely and accurate service to ensure that you can concentrate on your core business while we deal with Revenue correspondences on your behalf.

At McMahon & Co Kildare based accountants our services go beyond the accounts and balances of a business. To us it is just as important that your business is where you want it to be.

Our experienced team at McMahon & Co Accountants brings a diverse range of expertise to your business, with an approach that is both innovative and challenging. We focus on ways to ensure your company’s profitability today while planning for sustainable business growth.

We will work with you to plan for growth by identifying the issues unique to your business, developing a plan and making it happen.

Forensic accounting is a specialised area of accountancy and at McMahon & Co Accountants Kildare we provide accounting skills in civil and criminal cases but also non-legal related investigations.

Our experience in forensic accounting and our professional approach play an important part in establishing the facts and key issues in an investigation. The combination of our forensic accounting skills and our experience collaborating with legal advisers both enhance the chances of a successful conclusion to the legal process for recovery of assets or compensation.

Starting a new business is an exciting and challenging endeavor, our extensive experience as key advisers to many different businesses can help you navigate the path to commercial success!

When starting a new business, McMahon & Co Accountants will help you:
- Decide on the most suitable structure for your new
business – sole trader, partnership, or limited company
- Prepare a business plan, cash flow projections,
budgets and trading forecasts for your new business
- Assess your finance requirements, advise on the best
sources of finance and draw up the necessary
- Establish a good working relationship with your bank
- Complete any registration procedures with Company
Registration Office or Revenue Commissioners
- Deal with Company Secretarial issues
- Set up a recording system for your internal use and for
complying with statutory requirements
- We have the skills and experience you need to make a - real difference to the development of your new

Once you are up and running we can continue to be key adviser to you and your new business.

In addition to audit & compliance, we provide Payroll, Bookkeeping and Management Accounting services that can assist you in growing your new business.

Changing Accountants at McMahon & Co Accountants is an easy and pain free process and can be done after one consultation.

McMahon & Co takes care of all of the details when changing accountants from requesting all of the required documentation from your previous adviser to making contact with revenue directly on your behalf to register the details. Once you decide to make the move and change accountants you don’t have to do anything else.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering to change accountants and analyse whether you are currently getting the service you require from your current accountant.

- Are your calls or inquiries being returned the same
- Are your accountants making themselves available to
meet with you as often as required?
- Are they proactive with advice and strategies or do
they only get in contact to answer your specific
- Do you have full confidence in your accountant?
Are they able to deal with any issue that arises in a
timely and efficient manner?
- Does your financial adviser keep themselves up to
date on all business matters and adapt their practices
to reflect the modern business environment that you
operate in?
- Do you get the feeling that your business is an
important client or do you feel like the small fish in the
- Are you getting good value and excellent service for -
the fees you are paying?
- When you have a query do you get clear and precise
advice that you can understand or do you get industry
jargon that leaves you more confused after the call
than before?

Limited Company Set up Requirements:
Setting up a company in Ireland is a very exciting time, but can also be very stressful! If you are looking to register a new Limited Company in Ireland, McMahon & Co, Kildare Accountants will tailor your company to your exact requirements, and get your business set-up off to the best possible start!

By setting up as a limited company in Ireland, you can avail of the following advantages:
- Easily trade services and/or products within Europe.
- Benefit from low corporate tax rate, network of double
tax treaties and other tax incentives.
- Be part of a thriving entrepreneurial community.
- Avail of an English speaking, educated mobile
- Benefit from pro-business state and semi-state
initiatives to support company formations/start-ups in
Ireland with practical and financial assistance.