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Marcus Bowman PhD

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I am a psychoanalytic therapist and counsellor working in private practice in Cork city since 1997.

The key to good mental health is a better understanding of oneself. This is what therapy and counselling should aim to provide.

I help clients with a wide range of problems, especially anxiety, depression, sexual and relationship problems, family difficulties, OCD, and a history of trauma.

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Psychotherapy for me is a lifetime vocation. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. All aspects of the work fascinate me. I love the practical day to day engagement with clients. I meet a great diversity of people and learn something from everyone. I have found that some of my most rewarding work as a therapist has been with clients from backgrounds very different from my own. Learning to see the world from points of view that may be very different initially from one’s own is a highly enjoyable learning experience; it teaches greater tolerance and insight and enriches life. The work of therapy can often be very moving; all the time one meets people who are having to contend with very difficult circumstances, through no fault of their own; the courage they show in facing these problems is inspiring. I am also fascinated by the theoretical aspects of psychotherapy and have written on this; the theory and philosophy of mind is endlessly thought-provoking. What could be more interesting to study than human nature itself?

Psychotherapy has been a family trade. My father was a consultant psychiatrist who worked in Cork for 40 years from 1965 until his death in 2005. He trained as a psychoanalyst in London in the early 1960s. I was born in 1956 so from my early teenage years I was discussing and reading about the practice of psychotherapy. In the early 1990s I began work on a doctoral thesis at University College Dublin on psychoanalytic theory. At the same time, I began a training analysis with Professor Michael Fitzgerald of Trinity College. I completed these in 1997. In that year I returned to Cork and began to work in partnership with my father. In 2005 I inherited the practice from him and I have continued it to the present day.

The success of psychotherapy is always unpredictable. Far and away the most important factor in it is the personal rapport that is established between therapist and client. At the outset it is impossible to say with a new client how well this will go. Therefore finding the therapist that is the right one for you will always involve an element of trial and error. A therapist who is able to give a great deal of help to one person may not be successful with someone else. I am no different in this respect. All I can say is if you like the sound of what I have written in my profile, like the look of what you see on my Facebook page, Marcus Bowman PhD, and would be interested to work with a therapist who has in one way or another spent a lifetime reflecting on the issues involved in psychotherapy, then you might like to give me a try.