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I love photography, and when I started up my business in 1995, I knew I would like going to work every day. I like to keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun at any event I'm photographing - if the customer is relaxed, then the photos will reflect that.

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Enjoying the moment. If the customer is at ease, and relaxed in the moment - it will show through in the photo. Keeping the occasion fun and easy is the key. No time limits or time watching. Any photography event should be enjoyed - not endured.

The most important question for a customer - What would you like from this shoot? For me, it is about what the customer wants, and listening to them. It does not matter what I think they want - it's what they actually want.
Eg, a Wedding - one couple would like a more formal approach with more setup images, while another would like a more casual event with less posing and more reportage style. I approach these 2 events completely differently.

I just love photography - it's my business and my hobby. Meeting people and providing memories of all types of happy events in their lives is very fulfilling. If it is a Christening, Graduation, Wedding or 100 Birthday - the memories I provide will endure long after the event is over.

My passion for photography, and the belief that every important event should be recorded in a photo that will be part of the person or familys life story. Most events happen once - and there is no recreating that moment. Sure you can stage a "putting on the ring" or "first kiss as a married couple" but you know, and the couple know -it's not THE moment.

I love what I do, and with over 25 years experience as a photographer - I have a pretty good idea of how most events work. There is no substitute for experience. As a photographer, my job is not just to shoot the images - it also means you are assisting the person / couple / family to enjoy the event with a minimum of fuss and disruption.

Covid-19 has changed everything - photography included. From providing hand sanitizer and masks in my office, to having a supply of these plus anti bacterial wipes in my car at all events, using longer lenses to ensure adequate social distancing. Using Zoom for follow up meetings after the initial meeting if possible. Using more outdoor locations if possible (although weather can sometimes dictate this ) Keeping groups apart until needed for a photo, using a one way system where possible ( eg; groups coming in from the LEFT and moving out to the RIGHT)


I offer Photography services for almost any event or occasion that requires a photographic record.
Christening or Naming ceremonies.
1st Communion.
Family Events.
Personal Photos
and many more