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Karl Brien | Personal Training

Dublin (various locations), Dublin


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At Body Confident Fitness, we believe in creating sustainable changes that not only help you achieve your goals in the short-term, but allow you to keep the results you've worked so hard to earn for the long-term too. We help you develop habits to improve your body composition, your energy levels, reduce stress and feel your absolute best.

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5 April 2016

Really nice place, good vibe - good mix of people too from seasons gym goers to newbies and everything in between.  Some great classes too !

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20 January 2016

Whopper new space just opened by the Raw Gym guys who you might know best from the Camden St location. I went over to have a gander at the weekend, and let me tell you, it's SLICK. It's still got a big airy warehouse vibe to it, but every piece of equipment is top spec. You can see that there's been no expense spared, and sure isn't that what you want when you fork out for a gym membership? I was actually pretty surprised at the price range as well - ranging from 31 - 49 per month which is pretty insane value in my book. If you join Sandyford, you automatically get membership in Camden too.There's a very decent cardio corner with some serious looking climbers that caught my eye, a massive TRX set up, impressive looking static weight machines and an even more impressive range of free weights. What really struck me though was the lay out of the place - every little detail has been thought through very carefully and the flow is spot-on.  Oh there's also a huge spinning room but seriously, spinning is the devil's work. No need for it at all. Spacious changing rooms with sparkling showers, hairdryers etc complete the package. Why has no one opened something like this north side of the city? More...

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29 September 2015

I changed my previous gym for Raw condition gym and I don't regret. I just feel very comfortable and relaxed here, everyone is minding their own business, the amount of good machines is crazy, there is plenty of space and though busy hours are still busy hours here, it is still very manageable. There are two floors, on the first floor there is a gym: cardio area and a huge free weights area, on the second floor there is a spinning studio and one more studio with equipment for boxing. This gym reminds me of my first gym ever when poshness wasn't a thing yet and people genuinely came to sweat. More...

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17 September 2015

Don't be fooled by the meatheady exterior - Raw is a really solid gym. I broke up with my posh hotel gym for Raw, and I'm seriously glad I did. Upon first glance the weights section is admittedly intimidating, but for the most part people keep to themselves and you never have to wait for equipment or machines. Plus, it's seriously affordable. I think I paid €299 for 6 months.If you're like me and fear a serious body building setup, I'd say avoid the majority of the ground floor. Around the perimeter is like 15 cardio machines that get the job done, and they have a nice selection of kettle bells along the mirrors though. There is a studio upstairs that has a great selection of classes (though I'll admit I still haven't been to one) and there's also a spin studio if you're into that sort of thing. You're free to use either space if there's not a class on, and it's a personal fave since it has more lady-friendly barbells, mats and space to stretch.All in all, I really like Raw and would definitely recommend. More...

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12 August 2014

Big fan of this gym - especially as paying for the year upfront works out at half what i was paying in London.While there is a spin studio (6 classes a week) a boxing/MMA area and a few standard cardio stations this placing is primarily about weigh lifting. It's incredibly well stocked with at least two of just about everything you'd need. It also doesn't seem to get as as busy as most commercial gyms i've used, meaning you rarely, if ever, have to wait for something.Bar a couple of examples, most users are far more considerate than previous gyms i've used and you're not constantly hassled by PTs (looking at you Gymbox and Fitness First).There are also a few guys who bodybuild & power lift competitivly and they run classes from time to time if you want to take your workouts/diet to the next level (i like my food and beer too much though)The changing rooms are pretty basic which doesn't bother me as i live just round the corner, but i could imagine that being an issue for some peope. More...

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24 October 2013

Grand big gym perfect environment for achieving any physical goals that you set yourself. A real gym devoted to heavy lifting, great afternoon hide-out to perform a tough workout. Started doing Kettlebells exercises so we'll see how that gets on. More...

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19 March 2013

I've always enjoyed being active and whilst the gym was never my first choice for it, I always went to keep fit when the football season was over. As time goes on, I find myself enjoying it more - the challenge of pushing yourself further and beating yoour best is a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. About 15 months ago, a friend of mine who had never been to a gym decided to make a change. About a year ago he joined Raw and the transformation is nothing short of astounding. He's fitter, leaner and has had to change his wardrobe completely as his clothes have long since become too big for him. And so on St Patrick's Day, I used the free pass he had been given to join him at Raw.It's not a Hollywood gym. Theres no glitz and glamour here. But it is a proper gym with many machines and many weights with which you can strengthen and tone every muscle imaginable. There are also lots of machines for cardio workouts. It basically has everything. And I've decided to join.I can't give it any higher praise. More...

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2 May 2012

Went down today for the first time. This place is immense. A proper gym is a rare and beautiful thing. I am most definitely a fan. There's nothing spectacular here, it's just honest and well thought out. Most gyms are designed to attract members, not serve them. They have vast ranks of 'cardio' machinery, with a few token weights and a swiss ball thrown in the corner. Although this looks impressive, most of it is pretty useless when it comes to getting a real workout. And that's often reflected by the size of what I refer to as the 'dormant clientele', you know that 60-90% of gym memberships that go unused for months at a time?Raw is different. The 'cardio' equipment takes up less than a fifth of the floor space. The rest is devoted to all variety of heavy things. Heavy things are fun to lift. And there's literally no end of choices from standard free weights, to smith machines, to tractor tyres and heavy ropes. There's even a sprint track if you really feel like making yourself suffer(viper bands, shudder).There's some really nice, practical, touches to this gym as well. Things like mirrors. There are mirrors everywhere, so you can check your back is straight, for example. Or that you're elbows and knees are going in the right direction when you're too tired and shaky to trust your balance alone.The free weights are all in one place-how wonderfully logical! The smith machines have their own weight stacks-an absolute life saver. Certain other gyms would have you hauling forty kg across the room, lifting it a few times and then hauling it back. No, this is not good for me, it's a pain in the hole.And have you ever forgotten your gym pass, or worse, put it in your kit bag before your kit? And then had to spend twenty minutes at the turnstile groping around, pulling half your stuff out, and generally looking like a muppet trying to find it? Well fear no more, friend, for here they take fingerprints! Seriously, they've a little machine that scans your index finger. It's so handy, I never leave the house without my fingers.  No doubt it also adds to security. In summary, I like it. Possibly a little too much. More...

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21 December 2010

I joined this gym a couple of months ago and I'm delighted with the place. It has an excellent atmosphere out on the floor, everybody's there to work hard and it really rubs off. There's very little standing around and chatting here...be warned...this is a gym, not a leisure centre! The staff are knowledgable and helpful and it rarely gets too busy. There's a lot of great old-school equipment around that you don't see too often like olympic rings, chains, a huge tyre and plyometric platforms. They also stock a good selection of protein/creatine supplements from NutritionX and 1 or 2 other brands.There's a popular boot camp type class on at 6pm most days that usually has a good turn out among other classes like spinning, yoga and pilates. While it's a great place for serious fitness enthusiasts, there are a few beginners around too who are given just as much respect as any other client of the gym. The only drawback in my opinion is the slightly limited cardio section. There are 6 treadmills and 2 cross trainers as well as the spinning studio upstairs (and 2 climbers I think). These are sufficient during most of the daytime hours but if you're going in straight after work you might have to wait for a free machine. Otherwise, this is a phenomenal place to get into shape and I'd recommend it to anyone.P.S. The sauna is a nice touch too after a good session. More...

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27 October 2010

RAW Gym is a well equipped friendly gym. Not your usual 'gerbil on treadmill' type (although you can if you like) but a mix of bootcamp, spinning, weights, mma, boxercise etc. The staff who are all look professional in their uniforms and are more than happy to answer questions or give advise. The clientèle are mostly serious fitness addicts although there is plenty of room for noobs so dont be put off by this.    I did the Kettlebells there for over a year which is on a Tue and Thurs. If ye wanna get fit for Christmas or even afterwards to loose the pud arse/belly it is well worth a go. More...

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27 April 2010

RAW. RAW. RAW. Say it aloud and it will make you sound like a roaring toned lion. Yes RAW is rather butch.You have no idea the efforts I have gone to, to find a gym near where I live, I was about to give up and resign my beer filled arse to the bar stool for eternity until I saw RAW. As Steinunn noted, it is very hidden away hence it alluding me for long. I was a tad frazzled yesterday when I nervously entered the shrine to butchness so frazzled in fact that I decided to do some shopping beforehand... I bought a loaf of bread and loo roll. I also forgot my shopping bag so I walked in clasping my brown bread and toilet paper like my baby only to be greeted by a huge hulk of a man. I felt rather silly and self-conscious, I'm usually good with the protocol of gyms, that is I know you should wear sporty clothes but I was just browsing with bread and bog roll. I started to fear that he thought I had bowel issues.Grand big gym with lots of machines. Opted for the 3 month membership (€199) in case I turn into the huge hulk of a man. More...

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We build a foundation of basics and put a plan in place to build upon that foundation based on the goals of each individual client that we have the pleasure of working with.

Remaining consistent in everything you do and not beating yourself up over small mistakes (like having an extra slice of pizza or 5).

Long term consistency is the key to long term success.

This is my passion. I love coaching people and helping people improve, and I'm very lucky to get to do this for a living - Karl.

My goal is to impact as many lives as possible and I felt the best way to do that was to create something and build from the ground up.

We pay close attention to detail and value our clients physical and mental health and well-being.


1-1 or small group training delivered in person.

Perfect for those who are highly motivated and have some level of training experience.