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Hilary Connor, Author, Executive, Life & Neuro Wellness Coach



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6 September 2018

Review for 'Saoirse'Opening this book was like opening a doorway to my heart. Hilary Connor a beautiful soul with a story full of so many truths, that it will awaken everyone’s heart that reads it. In her first book Saoirse she captivates us with the horrific story that has filled our country for decades, the children of Ireland who have been abandoned and rejected, being the subject of societal judgement and religious hypocrisy. Saoirse teaches us of the pure love of a child that only seeks to be wanted and to feel safe. To understand the thoughts and feelings of a child that only wants to fit in and find their place in the world. That each child has a special quality that needs to be recognised, encouraged and nurtured, even if we don’t understand it. Acceptance of others is our greatest gift to the young people of our world and to ourselves. The judgement that has filled our world for so long is now being shifted as we face our inner fears and realise that we each have the power within us to shine brightly and create a better world. Saoirse teaches us this in her story, she has an inner awareness of something greater within herself and through all the hardships she has had to endure, she finds a way to stay true to herself.I fell in love with Saoirse’s spirit as I read this book, I cried and laughed and felt every single harsh word that was thrown at her. I felt also the deep love of the people that wanted to be in her life, who helped her to grow into the beautiful and gifted woman she is today. Hilary brought life to every word and I could feel the story appearing in vivid colour in my mind. I felt the light and darkness of the story as I lived Saoirse’s story through her eyes. I was captivated.Thank you Hilary Connor for sharing your beautiful gift with the world and for telling Saoirse’s story which is the story of so many others. May Saoirse’s light shine into the lives of many homes where they will find their voice, forgiveness and peace with their pasts. May we all learn from this and to never allow such atrocities take place ever again in our country. Sharon Fitzmaurice Author More...

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