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Responsible, organized, sociable, punctual and ambitious person. I am not afraid of hard-work and to take on new challenges. I am an methodical person who enjoys working in a dynamic environment in constant learning.I am a trainer and athlete of high competition for more than 24 years.

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Generating an adherence to the training program, feeling committed to the stated objectives.

The client must imagine how he would like to see himself in a year, and when looking back, feel proud of the road traveled.

Consistency and continuity are the two variables that will give the client the possibility of achieving his goals.

The pride that generates me when I see the goals being met and the smile on the face of the clients when they tell you that they have achieved it

I have my own entrepreneurship in my home country and it is definitely the career I chose for my whole life.

Therefore and seeing the new possibilities that the internet offers us, I have decided to work using different platforms to expand my range.

Because I offer my experience of many years in the field of training and I have enough university qualifications to know the health care of people and how to enhance their strengths and weaknesses.