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Are you:

- A business owner with plans to grow and scale your business?
- A leader/manager with a growth mindset who wants to become a great leader?
- A leader/manager needing help to find their own leadership elixir?
- A HR professional looking for a 21st century performance framework for a 21st century workplace?

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Once rapport has been established, my two favourite parts of my job are one, surfacing the real challenges my clients face and two, when my clients have those "a-ha" moments.

Surfacing the real challenges is so important to my clients' future success. When our solutions are based on addressing the real challenges, the desired outcomes will be achieved. Otherwise, the client is focused on the symptoms.

We all get the logic of what we "should" do but logic doesn't compel us to action the "should". When we "feel" it, aka "the a-ha", then change really happens and we action our plans because we get it. I just love when clients get to that point because it's all downhill to success then. Okay, I'm not saying it's all easy going down the hill but if we stick with it, the momentum starts building and we achieve our desired outcomes.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs so I suppose it was only a matter of time! I love being able to simultaneously help several companies and leaders, across a variety of industries.

I tend to build up trust very quickly. I bring a range of expertise to understanding and developing performance and capability, ranging from clarity of strategy to individual leadership. I bring very strong abstract reasoning skills, which enables clients to re-frame challenges and solutions, increasing the likelihood of success in achieving their goals. Lastly (but not least), I bring a sense of curiosity and fun.

Yes, all services can be delivered virtually, using Zoom.

Services are offered remotely, which prevents the spread of Covid-19.


Evaluate current organisation design and alignment with Strategy. Work with Executive Team to design the organisation your business needs to deliver your strategy.

Plan, design and implement the organisational capabilities needed to support business growth plans while protecting your business's reputation.

Working with the business owner and/or the executive team, we:
- Set out the growth plans and identify the related scaling required to support the growth.
- Evaluate what processes, capabilities, culture is currently in place
- Identify gaps and changes required to move from current to future state.
- Design a plan to build out the organisational infrastructure, processes, skills and knowledge and cultural shifts needed to achieve the business capability needed to successfully deliver the desired growth.
- Support the implementation of the plan.

Coaching focused on developing and enhancing leadership capabilities, covering such topics as:

Role of leader, vision, values, personal leadership, leading and influencing others, leadership skills, leading change, communication, performance development, self-as-leader.

Self-report assessments, such as Emotional Intelligence and Insights Discovery, and a 360 Emotional Intelligence assessment is also available.

Irial is on UCD Smurfit's and IMI's coaching panels.

Coaching focused on exploring your career preferences and how to position yourself to move into a desired career. Irial has delivered Career Planning workshops to UCD Smurfit's MBA students.

Process includes:
1. Exploring your strengths, using Gallup Strength Finders and suitable roles, levels, industries.
2. Exploring career change options - design a plan to explore more about possible career changes, which you put into action.
3. Create CV(s) to support potential pivots, where possible.
4. Prepare for interviews
5. Assist with job offer negotiations.

Design and deliver bespoke Leadership Development programmes, to include:

In-person (via Zoom during Covid19) workshops
Assessments such as Emotional Intelligence & Insights Discovery

Design and implement a 21st century-focused Performance Management Process.

Regardless of function, 21st century jobs have become much more complex while Performance Management hasn't evolved. How do knowledge-based industries evaluate performance when much of it happens in people's heads?

Using the concept of Role Dimensions and a more nuanced evaluation rating system, I work with companies to design and implement a more intuitive Performance Management process. The kind where managers and employees alike say "oh yeah, that makes sense!"