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Digimark provides professional SEO, Ditial Marketing and Web Design services throughout Ireland & UK. Our digital marketing includes mobile responsive design and development, Search Engine Optimisation (Ranking Websites) both on and off page, PPC Ad management, Paid Social Advertisment, Keyword research, Marketing strategy, CRM tool setup, monitoring, measuring and reporting .

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6 December 2015

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Your Website Is Your Virtual Shop Window So Be Professional!
When starting fresh if it’s your first professional website for your business or a redesign you must have these three things. A professionally designed logo themed colours and paired fonts. If you integrate these three elements you are already off to a good start and your new professional web design will look fantastic. The design must be user-centred meaning that it focuses on the end-user.

User Centered Design Means Good User Experience
To consider your end-user when designing your website is very important and often overlooked. The design must be intuitive meaning site visitors can easily find what they are looking for and know what to do when they find it. As part of our service and in order to do this properly all types of user demographics and user scenarios must be considered. This of course must be aligned with your own business goals in order for the website to be successful.

Must Be Mobile Responsive As Mobile Browsing Is Leading The Way
We all know that as mobile phones become more and more sophisticated, mobile browsing is taking over desktops at a very fast rate so very important to have your website designed for mobile as well as desktop devices. It will also need site loading times optimised for mobile to ensure a smooth user experience on handheld devices. If your website is already optimised for mobile you will rank higher. From our experience, redesigned sites gain much more traffic and rankings

What is you business about that you want to represnet online?
What are your business goals for the website?
What are your users goals for thr website?
How much traffic to you think you will have to your site?
Do you have a domain name registered?
Do you have a hosting package?
Are you aware of the costs?

Delivering a product and designthat my customers love. Seeing my customers business grow with increased online traffic . Solving issues or reomving roadblocks,

Necessity and the freedom of running my own business, I also like working at my own pace but always finish on time.

I give more than 100% to each of my projects and clients. Professional, personal service and easy to deal with.

Nearly 99% of all our services can be provided online.

We have moved from face to face meeting to online meetings. This is the only time we actually mix or meet with our clients.


Mobile reposnsive web design for ecommerce and brochure sites

Infographics, vectors, logos and graphic design services

Want to start selling online? We over a full service for ecommerce shopping sites.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the best investments you can make for your business. We maximize your success online by increasing your ranking in Google and other major browsers by availing of one of our SEP packages. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services bring increased traffic to your website & get you on the 1st page of Google. We have experience & proven results! First page on Google on your money back.

Pay Per Click Your Way To More Leads & Sales.
When spending money on Google ads you want to make sure you are getting a return. But PPC is not easy to get right. You may have tried advertising with Google Ads before so you know how easy it is to burn through a large amount of money fast or if you have an agency running your campaign and the focus is on clicks and traffic. That’s what we don’t do. Our focus is only on conversions and revenue. We know exactly how much each conversion is costing you and with our expertise, we will bring that cost down, increase the visibility of your Ad and increase your CTR (Click Through Rate).

How do we incentivise a completely cold customer to act in some way to engage with our brand or service? By offering something of value that will help them in some way. That might be a pdf download, a white paper, an eBook or a video that is useful to them. It must have genuine value in order for the next steps to take place. All we want for them is to put their hand up and say, I’m interested in what you are offering. The trade-off is they will give you their name and email address in order to access the value item, the lead magnet.

Communication is key. The biggest mistake that most businesses make is that they do not warm or nurture their leads before trying to convert them to being a customer. As the old saying goes, you don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date. You must warm to the person, get to know them and gain trust. Similarly, when marketing online we must do the same, especially when cultivating cold leads.

We can achieve this by using tried and tested CRM email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, infusion soft, HubSpot to deliver personalised timely emails to gradually gain trust and respect from our potential lead.

In many cases when your website is an integral part of how your business works you will need a bespoke solution to fulfil a certain requirement. It might be a booking system for your clients or a tweak to how your e-commerce shopping site performs. You might also want to make your business more efficient. There are many everyday tasks that can be digitalized via a customized web development solution. Job application forms can be submitted directly from your website, bookings or subscriptions for your gym, the list is endless but the point being that these solutions can save you time and money.

Many times an off the shelf software solution will work but sometimes you will need to build it yourself. Maybe the off the shelf solution will get you 80% there so a little tweaking to the code and the other 20% is taken care of. It may not cost as, much as you think! You can hire one of our web developers. If you know what you need we can give you a customised web development quote.

Website Maintenance and Support
Keeping your site’s software up to date is vital. New versions of your WordPress core files, your database, plugins and security software are being constantly released. Making sure that everything is up to date ensures that your website will run smoothly. Out of date software is an invitation for a security breach and can affect the functionality of your site.

Short video presentations for your site or social advertising campaigns

Too busy to write your blog or not feasible to hire full time? Us our very reasonable seo optimised copy writting services for any niche