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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


We help our clients traverse through a daunting and obscure field of IT where every decision counts
with many years in the field of software development, we offer the cheapest and highest standard of software development.

What do we do?
Desktop Applications
Web Scraping
Artificial Intelligence

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26 November 2023

I signed up for their Auto Job service, and it was not functioning. I was billed after a free trial, even though my account was deleted by then. There was no option to remove payment details. Then, I reached out to Adam, the CEO over Instagram, because no one replied over email. I was promised my details will be removed, and I will be refunded — however, I was billed next month. I then asked again to solve this, but nothing happened. I had to block my card, as otherwise this organisation would continue billing me for a service I cannot use. I was not refunded the full sum of what I was charged over 2 months. This may be a financial scam, or just negligence. I reccomend to stay away. More...

30 January 2020

I do not have a good understanding of IT, but adam set up my webstie and excel spreedsheets for my house moving company, that automatically assigns movers to a job. In total it was 150 where i got quoted 300 for the website alone from other sites. More...


A great website consists of great UI, UX and performance

A list of user needs approx ~40
A business plan (Not always needed)
Any related website that you like and why

I am truly inspired how far IT has gotten us and love having the chance to work on the next generation.

I worked in an IT company for three years and it came to my attention that a web application I worked on had a budget of 20,000 euros.
I couldn't understand how a website that I and a fellow designer worked on could come out to this.
After researching IT balance sheets I realized that a large majority of the cost was staff and premises.
So I decided to create a company that is completely decentralized so minimizes all theses in my view unnecessary costs.
IT companies also find it difficult to keep up with the latest tools and libraries as training your in-house team can be extremely costly leaving IT companies to rely on somewhat outdated libraries and tools when there are better options.

We take time to help our clients traverse through a daunting and obscure field of IT where every decision counts
at an unbeatable price.


We create websites with higher quality and cheaper.


We do this by adhering to your needs and your user's needs but most importantly your future needs.
This can be done through a revision of your business plan.

We use agile software development, meaning you can work with the team throughout the project to ensure your vision of the project is communicated completely.
We design the project in-house with as many revisions as needed.
Once the requirements and design are concrete the planning of the technology begins.
We do not use templates or copy and paste techniques but rather architect the project to fulfill the requirements of the project and account for future needs.
All the code, design and documentation is released to you fully so in the future you can go with a different developer. This is not commonplace and Cryt frowns upon this practice.

The core team of Cryt is based in Ireland, all with college degrees for their respected role however decentralized meaning we are not burdened with overheads like office cost but rather use many online management tools to stay organized and pass these savings to you.

We also work with the cost-efficient and vastly resourceful freelancer community.

There are countless ways to build a website, with no one method being far and beyond better than another.

As we are not restricted by in house developers' skill-sets we can ensure we pick the best technology stack for your project as well as scale and no project is too big or too small.

We will fight tooth and nail to ensure our price and quality is unmatched.

Read more about your category of website below.
What makes E-commerce site successful is
1) Being able to quickly add and change data such as offers blogs for marketing.
2) Being able to track and record every aspect of your website,
such as How people found your website,
What stage of payment they got to,
Where they clicked on the page
and many more
3)UX and UI as we expect people to buy from us the UX will ensure a fluid and intuitive payment process while UI will ensure a visually attractive website that draws people in.
4) Last but not least is the payment system that must integrate with our website theme and UI, with as many payment options for your user.
5) Secured. We hear too many horror stories of e-commerce websites being hacked especially with WordPress. So we ensure in our testing phase we pen-test the website using industry-standard tools such as Metasploitable and more.

Web application
Web applications are like desktop programs however run on the browser this gives the user more flexibility when accessing our service and has seen a huge increase in popularity.

These applications can also be ported to desktop and even mobile. Its why we also suggest Web development first for any project.

Web applications can vary it complexity so feel free to contact cryt for a quote on www.cryt.ie

With the Portfolio website, we focus heavily on design and broadcasting what you do and your personality without the user needing to read.
Standing out and being unique is key.
We generally advocate for a WordPress website for ease of management without much IT experience furthermore for a built-in blogging system.

Informational website.
An informational website must have great search capabilities so we advise for third-party search engines that run within your website that are capable of finding the right page to answer a person's questions much like google.
Our in-house designer also focusing heavily on typography ensuring everything is readable and can be viewed and read correctly in different languages and environments.

Web scraping is the act of gather data from the internet.
This data can be used for market research and to train an AI model.
The top Companies all use web scraping such as amazon and google.
In fact, if you use the google search engine to use a product that relies on web scraping.
We offer flexible web scraping services and we can host or analyze the data.
For more information check out