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We Accelerate Sales and Drive Repeat-Customers for Clients.

Crackerjack Marketing design, optimise, and scale digital marketing strategies for clients using cutting edge technology and conversion strategies.

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30 June 2019

Pat is an extremely talented and skilled fighter training 4-types of martial arts, he's also a very nice guy and not only my trainer but my friend, the people here are awesome and I hope to spend a long time training there, thanks pat

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23 May 2019

Pat is Waterford's secret weapon. Amazing knowledge and skill. Anybody who finds the gym a place of repetitive boredom should get down here. Marital arts is one of the proper ways to exercise. You will learn how to move your body properly and use it different ways. Developing this skill is challenge at times, but NEVER boring. Give it a try. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. More...

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25 May 2018

completely new to martial arts, started sin moo hapkido tonight and I am already eager to get back in! it helps that pat and the group are so knowledgeable and supportive!

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25 May 2016

Great guys and great classes. Highly recommend!

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26 May 2013

The guys at Black Eagle Dojo are brilliant. Myself and the girlfriend go every week and enjoy every class. Pat and Dave got us up to speed in no time. I would highly recommend Black Eagle Dojo to friends and family. More...

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We absolutely love to help our clients to design amazing digital marketing campaigns that create true and measurable results. Our focus is to work closely with our clients to understand their business model, market place, and current marketing mix so that we can optimise and deliver the best results possible. Essentially, we love to help our clients businesses succeed by helping them to do what they do best!

A life-long entrepreneur, starting his first lifestyle website at age 14, and later going on to launch an events company and an international electronic music website, Kieran has established a broad range of skills when it comes to business planning, digital marketing and strategy. Having built websites, raised capital, managed events, and designed disruptive business models – as a self-thought digital marketer and entrepreneur, Kieran has helped companies to increase sales and optimize digital marketing campaigns online. Founding Crackerjack Consulting in 2016, Kieran's vision is to help Irish SME's to accelerate their sales online using powerful digital technology and marketing strategies. Kieran is passionate about creating valuable experiences and results for clients and their customers, and loves to help companies to solve problems, create new revenue streams and increase ROI.

With over 10 years experience in online product development, targeted digital marketing, social media, event management and concept development, our team possess the experience, creativity and technical skills needed to design and deliver highly effective, measurable, and results focused digital marketing campaigns.

We've been around the block. Our team has raised capital, managed music events, scaled advertising, built websites, designed disruptive business models, and we've even made some mistakes. We started at the beginning with digital and we possess the expertise to help you to scale no matter where you're starting.

Today, technology plays a key role in campaign optimisation and performance. The right tools can often be expensive and complicated without expertise and training. We've got the tools and training needed to harness your campaign data and optimise for results.


Push your website to the top of the search results page. With Google PPC we can help your company, product or service sit at the top of the search results page using targeted advertising. Whether you need full campaign setup and management, or you're looking for help with results focused campaign optimisation we can help. Using highly targeted keywords and descriptions we will guarantee clicks to your website for top searched keywords and terms. If the clicks aren't available, we won't take on the project.

Engage fans, increase sales and create long term customers. To stand out from the crowd on these inherently social platforms its more important than ever to be unique and truly 'social' in your campaigns. 'Ads' alone won't always work, but content and offers delivered to highly targeted and engaged fans can be extremely effective.

Working with client advertising budgets of up to 5 figures, we've helped brands to achieve 6x return on ad spend (ROAS) across Facebook & Instagram. Whether you need full campaign setup and management or you want to super charge your current ads to 'scale up', we can ensure you're getting the best results from your ad spend. Whether its brand awareness, lead generation or sales, choose this option to start killing it on Facebook & Instagram!

Drive long term organic traffic to your website. We will ensure your website is optimised for the best search engine results for your industry and product. Implementing high volume and high relevancy keywords and content across your site, we will grow your online search results presence to drive organic traffic to your site over time. We will create regular high-relevance industry articles to attract new visitors and improve your websites search engine ranking - We even throw in some lead generation opportunities to help drive additional results from your leveraging the increased traffic.

If you want improve long-term search results over time, choose this SEO package.