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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Core Connection is a life coaching service where it is actively dedicated to making a difference to the lives of people to help them progress at a personal and professional level.

Do you feel you need direction in some aspect or area of your life?

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9 March 2021

Life Coaching

I found my sessions with Eimear enlightening . With her warmth and direction , I could identify what was blocking me in moving forward. I came away from the sessions in awe of how she facilitates the session with an openness and warmth. It is evident that Eimear is passionate and committed in her approaches. I would highly recommend Eimear. I look forward to working with her again.


4 June 2020

I found the BIAC questionnaire extremely insightful and thought provoking. It provides great detail into personal behaviours and the results were quite eye opening and accurate.  

It is a very useful tool for mapping out areas for development and growth, this can be applied to both personal life and career contexts. The results were delivered in an extremely professional and concise manner, with a clear summary report. 

I would most definitely recommend Eimear Larkin at Core Connection and the BIAC questionnaire to others. I am enjoying the journey of self discovery and growth.

4 June 2020

The BIAC assessment was very useful and I would certainly recommend it to others. It highlights strengths and limitations in our own ability that, perhaps, hadn't been given any thought previously. It appears to be a fantastic tool to help with career development, whether you are looking to improve within your current position, or move on to the next challenge. More...

4 June 2020

I cannot recommend Eimear Larkin highly enough. Eimear has a great understanding of the coaching and healing process. She has great sense of calm and peace about her and helped me to look inside, to dig deep and to tackle certain obstacles I was facing.

She helped me discover what I was looking for in my relationships and career.

Eimear gave me the tools to unleash my confidence, to create a space in terms of direction and helped me excel in all areas of my life.

Thank you Eimear.

Marketing Consultant


BIAC Profile: Self-Discovery Process

BIAC was originally developed in 1988. It was designed as a self-measuring tool to connect an individual’s thinking style with his/her likely behaviour. The design process included studies and publications of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck (1955) who are acknowledged experts in this area.

The approach was tested for accuracy and reliability over a two-year period and it was introduced to clients for the first time in 2001. The BIAC process is a self-discovery assessment – an accurate self-reporting questionnaire. It links respected psychological theory with performance improving behaviours as well as team dynamics and culture.


BIAC – Behaviour Alignment

BIAC Behaviour Alignment is self-discovery of current behaviour which includes confidential feedback and adjustment guidance to meet/excel job role demands and expectations. It introduces confidential discovery, measurement and understanding of a participants current own thinking and behaviour, under recognized, validated, thinking styles (Cognitive Behaviour).

BIAC – Selection Accuracy

The Selection Accuracy brings unique confidential insight into each candidate’s aptitude in coping and succeeding with the challenges and opportunities likely to arise in the specific vacant role. Additional and accurate insight into suitability for specific role types.


To deal effectively with required change and opportunities.

Developing effectiveness in handling role changes, challenges and demands.

Interacting successfully with colleagues, customers and clients.

Profiling and assessing aptitude and fit for particular roles.

Behavioural support for people seeking career changes.

Three Step Process

1. Online Connection with BIAC – 20 minutes

2. Feedback, interpretation and advice: Phone / Zoom consultation – 1 hr 15 minutes

3. Review: Professional advice: Phone / Zoom consultation – 45 minutes

Due to Covid19, Core Connection offers a significant discount:

Price: €350.00

To book, please email:



This programme creates a strong foundation for the person to progress towards alignment, contentment and success.

Clarity and Direction.

To make significant Change in your life.




Sense of purpose – Finding your core inner alignment.

Week 1:

Self-Limiting Beliefs.

Empowering Beliefs.

Values and Needs.

Week 2:

Belief Systems.

Internal Dialogue.

Positive Statements.

Week 3:

Health Profile.

Mental well-being, Physical well-being.

Emotional well-being, Spiritual well-being.

Week 4:


Relationships, Home Environment, Body, Mind & Spirit, Work, Money.

Boundaries – Being able to say No.

Week 5:

Confidence Building.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Techniques (MBSR).

Rational Emotive Behaviour Techniques.

Week 6:

Goal Setting & The Competing Commitment.

10 Steps for Goal Setting.

Platinum Goal Setting.

Week 7:

Core Competencies.


Discipline, Habits and Repetition.

Week 8:

Awakening into Diversity.

Creating and maintaining change.

Beap Model – State of Consciousness.

Price: €880.00