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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Ciara Bruton is a Holistic Life Coach who holds accreditation with The World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience. She coaches heart-centred sensitive people who are feeling like they are living their life in a way that is not in alignment with what's actually important to them.

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12 August 2019

I have booked a 4-session coaching package with Ciara and that has been a real blessing: I just finished my 4th session and I can only highly recommend Ciara's skills! She is an extremely nice person with a lovely soul who just knows how to guide you where you really need and want to be. Thanks to Ciara's coaching, I managed to find and start working towards my true calling. Thank you very much Ciara, keep spreading the good coaching vibes. I wish you all the very best! x More...

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I love the transformation I see in my clients. They move from being in a state of confusion and overwhelm, overthinking and inaction to feeling contented and aligned with how they are living, working and showing up in the world.

To me, it's like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon and starting a new phase in their life. I absolutely love empowering people to live in a more aligned way.

I love that my work in centred around wellness, self-knowledge, insights, inner work because that is what I do for fun anyway!

I’ve tried out so many lifestyles: a lonely student in Dublin, a weight-obsessed Irish-pub drinking student in Germany, a Marketing Executive in Stockholm (who looked very successful), a disillusioned depressed 20-something year old in my bedroom, a seaside dwelling TEFL teacher in Galway, a primary teacher trainee in Liverpool, a really great Junior Infant teacher in rural Roscommon (permanent and pensionable lads!), a local musical performer, mountain hiker and triathlon enterer, a yoga teacher and spiritual seeker in India, a camping minimalist in New Zealand and now I’m the current version of me (for now anyway!).

I’m a busyaholic (not fully reformed!) turned meditator who stays sane by drinking tea, journaling and learning about holistic wellbeing, plant-based cooking, natural healing, living in harmony with the earth and light bedtime reading about enlightenment! My number one interest is self-knowledge through journaling, meditating and reflecting to understand myself and this world. Deep!

When I learned to meditate, I feel like I found what I’d always been looking for. I felt at home within myself. I didn’t need to run around the world anymore trying to see, do and know everything. I realised it’s all an inside job. I did some deep soul searching (story of my life!) and really tuned into what’s important to me, what supports me to live well and what I’m here to do.

I chose life coaching and teaching about wellbeing. Not that I have it all figured out, I really don’t and probably never will. But in doing this work, I’m learning alongside those I work with.

My work is based around coaching, speaking at events and writing about mindful simple living, health, food, environment, organisation, home and inner wellbeing

My main strengths as a coach are:

I have an exceptional ability to hear and see what my clients are really saying and in communicating this back to my clients, they gain great insights and awareness about themselves and their lives.

I’m compassionate and warm. You will feel safe to explore even the most challenging of topics.

I’m super organised and practical. This means I am excellent at seeing being able to see the information you present clearly and objectively for your benefit.

I’m a perfectionist. That’s of benefit to you because everything I do is of a very high standard. It is a trait that is however a challenge for me!

My coaching style is based on the Co-Active Coaching Model. The pillars of co-active coaching are that 1) You, the client, have all the answers within yourself 2) You are in charge of your life 3) My role as coach is to co-actively explore your agenda through questioning, curiosity and clarifying 4) Co-Active coaching evokes transformation

I’ve trained in Coaching with Neuroscience. It’s a leading edge coaching practice which focuses on the energy exchange that occurs in a coaching relationship which evokes transformation for the client. I’ve also got a qualification QQI Level 6 National Qualification in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics.

I’m professionally committed to a code of ethics and professional conduct. I’m accredited by the World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN) in Wholesystem Integrated Neuroscience.


-Life Direction
-Life Purpose
-Holistic Business Startup