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CCS Security Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of quality security services. We have been servicing clients nationwide for almost a decade. Since being established CCS Security solutions has amassed a reputation based on our quality service and our effective security control methods.

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5 December 2021

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24 April 2021

CCTV Installation

Very professional, did a excellent job. Highly recommended them

19 April 2021

CCTV Installation

Excellent very professional and helpful, couldn’t fault them, I definitely would recommend them.

14 April 2021

I got CSS from a recommendation from a friend. I got in contact with Stephen from CSS.He talked me through everything and came out two days later to fit my alarms. He spent time with me until I was comfortable enough to use the alarm system.He was very pleasant to deal with. I would recommend CCS to everyone. More...

25 February 2021

Burglar, Security & Intruder Alarm Installation

Very easy to deal with getting options for future work

29 July 2020

Pest Control

S. gave me a call and arrived superfast at my house. He was very nice and educated me about the next steps. he explained also everything very patiently. 👍

9 April 2020

Pest Control

Stephen from Ccs arrived on time and was very pleasant, helpful and friendly. He was extremely thorough doing his job and explained everything he did. Glad I called CCS


A specialty at CCS Security is the design and installation of high-quality CCTV systems for both commercial and domestic premises
Our systems allow you to view and control your system from anywhere in the world, and are recognised by the Gardaí as valuable resources when investigating any incidents at your premises. We also offer a range of covert or hidden CCTV systems.

CCTV is particularly valuable in a commercial setting for preventing crime and theft, helping Gardaí identify and capture criminals, providing visual proof of any events in the case of fraudulent claims, and giving customers and staff added confidence and security.

Our CCTV systems are individualised for every client. We first conduct a thorough survey of your premises before presenting you with recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Our bespoke service enables us to provide CCTV systems to suit all budgets for small, medium and large businesses, as well as residential customers

At CCS Security we understand that every home and business is unique and therefore requires a bespoke and individualised security system.
We have many years of experience in designing and providing security systems that keep your property secure and protected at all times. Every system is installed and maintained by our highly skilled and fully qualified team.

When installing a new alarm system, CCS Security personnel will always provide you with the relevant paperwork, ensuring that you are compliant with national insurance regulations and entitling you to a discount from your home insurance company. We also offer a maintenance contract to make sure your alarm is serviced on a regular basis. Our excellent after-sales service is also available to answer any questions or deal with any issues.

ntercom systems allow you to identify visitors to your home or business premises before letting them in, therefore allowing you to control who accesses the building.
Intercom systems vary from simple voice-only intercoms to more complex video, voice and door release systems.

At CCS Security, we offer a wide range of intercom solutions, wired and wireless, suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. For residential customers, these vary from simple, standalone systems to more complex intercom solutions for apartment buildings. Commercial solutions vary from simple systems at entry points to more complex intercoms with multiple call points and wireless boxes.

cess Control Systems allow you to monitor and control who can access buildings or parts of buildings, and when.
They can vary from standalone systems that control a gate or a door to more sophisticated solutions for large premises with a variety of access controls to entrances and prohibited areas.

At CCS Security, we can cater for both residential and commercial needs, offering every type of access control systems from the most simple door monitor to complex enterprise-wide solutions. Every job begins with an inspection of your premises and after a discussion of your individual needs, we draw up a number of suggestions to design a bespoke package based on your requirements and your budget.

At CCS Security, we offer a 24-hour monitoring service to ensure immediate action is taken should your alarm activate.
If your alarm is activated, our monitoring centre is alerted and the Gardaí (or relevant service) and keyholders are contacted immediately.

This monitoring service is available for all alarm and security systems, including fire alarms, intruder alarms, temperature alerts, CCTVs and medical alarms. We can provide monitoring for any existing alarm, and will endeavour to offer you a better service and price than any existing monitoring service. If required, we can also advise on any new systems needed, or set you up with other useful services, such as the ability to remotely control your security system from your mobile phone.