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Beatrix Portraits

Rathdrum, Wicklow


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6 hour response time

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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Beatrix is a photographer in Rathdrum who specialises in creating beautiful portraits to display in your home.

Since 2010, Beatrix has focused on giving her clients wonderful family portraits which capture the most precious memories and times of their lives.

6 hour response time

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6 customer reviews

22 August 2018

Excellent service. Beatrice puts so much time and effort into your experience. She is professional and made the photo shoot fun for my young daughter also. She invited us back to pick our favourite photographs and she took the time and effort to organising and displaying them for us. More...

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22 August 2018

What a fantastic photographer Beatrice is. She set up our home for our daughter's communion day shoot recently & did a splendid job. Our daughter had a wonderful morning & the photographs are only the best. I would highly recommend Beatrice to capture your special event More...

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22 August 2018

Beatrix Portraits takes beautiful photographs which capture the real person, be it you on your own or with your loved ones or with your pet. I absolutely loved the photos she took! The photographer is so friendly and professional, and she is also brilliant when working with children - I'll definitely come back. Highly recommended! More...

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22 August 2018

ABSOLUTELY amazing photographer with a real flair for catching the right moment. I have commissioned Beatrix twice already including for a BBC/RTE telivision programme and a personal photo shoot and am delighted to have secured her for my daughters upcoming wedding as i know, having worked in the fashion magazine industry for 18 years, Beatrix will create memories to really cherish. I have no hesitation in giving her a five star review. Tina Koumarianos More...

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22 August 2018

Beatrice is an exceptional photographer and a delightful person to work with; she has provided me with wonderful pictures for both personal and professional use and they are great. Her sessions are a joy and she is also really good value for money without any compromise on standards - I highly reccomend her to you. More...

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22 August 2018

From Daphne and Niall @ Urban Fabricators. Nobody does it better than Beatrix portraits, whether it’s business photography, or a family portrait, Beatrice has a way of capturing ‘the moment you want’. One of my ‘Go to’s ‘ for gift vouchers, when I want to give something special. More...

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The secret of beautiful portraits is to prepare well.

Qs 1: How many of you are coming for the portrait and what are you all thinking of wearing?

This is almost always the first question I am asked. Clothes can set the mood of a portrait.

There are no 'rules' about what you should wear for your portrait. Your portrait should be whatever you want it to be! There are some guidelines that can help if your want a particular style or mood of portrait and we do have some suggestions to help in this regard.

You might like to choose either formal or casual clothing for the family members. It's's a good idea not to have one person in jeans and runners while everyone else wears suits or vice versa.

Wear what you like and feel comfortable in too. It's not necessary to buy anything new or wear clothes you feel are out of character for your family.

If you would like colour portraits, then you need to think about how the colours you choose will look hanging on the wall in you home.
Strong colours will be very striking and will stand out.
Pastel shades blend in and can also look well in most home environments.
Black and white portraits emphasise tones, textures and contrast and suit most environments.

Our advise is to choose simple clothing and avoid very strong patterns and big logos.

Qs 2: What are your children ages? Have you very young children?

I have years of experience of working with very young children & babies and children of every age group. Toddlers rarely sit still for more that a few seconds at a time. Babies can be unpredictable about sleeping and feeding. Please relax, I know all about children and know how to engage even the youngest child long enough to capture their personality.

Try to book your child or children's appointment for a time that suits them, away from nap and mealtimes.
Children can be reluctant to give up watching devices or phones to have their portrait taken, so it's best not to have your child distracted by any devices during their visit.
Do bring along a favourite toy.
Please don't bring along any sweets or treats - they genuinely don't help at all and often a session ends (in tears!) when sweets appear.
Do bring your child's usual drink or their cup for water, especially in warmer weather.

The hour we allow for each session means babies can be fed if necessary, and we still have time to work with them.
Choose simple and unfussy clothing. Solid, lighter colours can look better on babies and simpler styles make your children's portraits more timeless.
Many parents go barefoot during sessions with younger children so keep this in mind when you're getting ready.
We are happy to photograph very young babies on their own or with their parents or older siblings.

Qs 3: When are you available after the studio session to choose your portraits?

At the end of your portrait session, you will be offered a viewing appointment to return and choose your portraits within 30 days after your portrait session. Evenings and weekends are fine to set up your viewing appointment.

This is the time when you will be making important purchasing decisions about which images to frame for your walls, so the appointment will be made for a time when you can come, if possible without very young children, as they don't tend to enjoy this stage. You will view your images here and so we will print and prepare only the portraits that you love the most.

The finished size and framing style choice is entirely your decision and I will guide you.

Qs 4: How would you like to display your pieces, or who you would like to give gifts to?

We have found that when you think about how your finished portraits will look, even before we have created them in the studio for you, you will be much happier with the results.

The selection process is always an exciting, enjoyable, decision making time.

After you have chosen your favourite images we will get to work literally making each piece individually - from hand printing to custom framing by our wonderful framer. We bring your portraits to life and we do this using only the best materials, technicians and craftsmen.

I love to shoot simple, beautiful portraits...and through my work I meet the most amazing people. From newborns & grandparents, to toddlers & teens, I try to lead my clients gently through their portrait session, bringing out the best in everyone.

Beatrix Portraits takes care of every aspect of your visit. From the moment you seek advice on how to prepare well for your session, right up to the process of bringing your portraits to life in print, I will be working with you and for you.

Beatrix Portraits was opened in January 2010 in Mount Usher Gardens and is now run from my little garden studio in Rathdrum.
I started displaying beautiful black & white images in my studio window in Mount Usher and the response to it was immediate. My portraits were loved!
I have formal photography qualifications from DIT, Parnell Square, as well as a post graduate from The Northern School of Film & Television in England. I also trained in top portrait & commercial studios in Dublin and began my career as a fashion photographer in Dublin before moving to County Wicklow with my three young Boys. I soon realised the only photographs that really mattered and were truly valued for any length of time were the portraits I created for my clients, family and friends.

Why should you choose Beatrix Portraits?
I understand people's needs from the years of feedback and repeat visits my clients make. People love the continuous quality and style of my portraits spanning those precious years in their child's lifetime, from newborn through to graduation.

Portraits must fulfil being a beautiful portrait today while evoke wonderful memories in the future. ...timeless, contemporary portraits.
If this is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.
Why not email me now and I can help you create a portrait of your own? Thank you.