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10 November 2020

Roof Repair

the same story as the other comments, they are very charming and offer the moon and stars, but they did a minimum job and not what they promised. it was a scam

16 December 2019

Gutter Cleaning

A top quality sales pitch followed by an absolutely appalling service. I was promised the sun, moon and stars and got nothing more than a badly done pressure washing job on my driveway, which cost an insane amount of money. These people have no business calling themselves professionals. Windows that were supposed to be cleaned were left dirty (Apparently, the glass isn't part of the window), the driveway was left with silt, mud and moss everywhere, my front lawn is destroyed with mud, my neighbours car was covered in dirt, gutters were left with algae, moss and cobwebs on, and the side passage was left like a swamp. They were also supposed to unblock the surface drains and not one of them works now. I have been properly ripped off, and all that my complaints were met with was a bad attitude. Absolute jokers. Beware! More...

5 December 2019


Hard to over-exaggerate how awful it was dealing with these guys. So unprofessional from start to finish and the work was left in a disgraceful way. It would be quicker for me to list what was done right than what was left unsatisfactorily. My grievances:
• Constantly very late.
• Asked for money in advance twice. On the second occasion my husband questioned this and they became furious and threatened to walk out with work half done.
• Bought the wrong sized fencing for the wall. I went and bought correct one, which was falling off the wall they secured it by the second day.
• Asked to build a step. Step came away in my hands two days later.
• Slate that was meant to be cemented down already loose.
• Didn’t level garden, just threw down new artificial grass.
• Threw down mulch over old artificial grass at the bottom of garden, which was all folded over and thrown there so area is now lumpy.
• Threw rubbish over the wall into the river behind my house.
• Abandoned a large container of concrete outside my house that had been there over a week at this stage.
• Rushed to finish the job by working into the night so work done in the dark could not be inspected.
• Came back the next day to finish under duress constantly saying they were in a rush so you felt under pressure to pay them so they could leave even though jobs not finished properly, or that what we discussed was fully done.
• Told about all of the problems, did not get back in touch.

Quite frankly I don’t even want them in my house again, all the work was done so poorly that I don’t even think they could do a good job were they to come back.
Feel completely ripped off and taken advantage of.

21 November 2019

Gutter Cleaning

I felt he told me he could clean my windows & Fix & clean gutters
& Power Hose Moss from n*my bottom roof but in doing so only used power hose on my windows no polishing them off also made an awful mess on my next door neighbours side passage and never cleaned up my neighbour is really annoyed and insisted I contact them to come & clean up the mess I rang him he said he would be back to clean up but so far he has not arrived

Very dissapointed
Catherine Murphy