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Ki-Ways offers a mixture of Tai Chi coaching, Shiatsu treatments, meditation and energy training. Our unique quality is a highly in depth knowledge of the theory and application of Energy or Chi. We have helped all kinds of people from those suffering with terminal cancer to those who just want to look after their body, mind and spirit. Specialist areas include dementia, learning difficulty groups, panic attacks, anxiety and chronic fatigue issues such as ME and fibromyalgia, cancer.

Chi Yu Wellness Centre

Chi Yu is a Japanese inspired wellness centre dedicated to providing the best in complementary therapies and treatments. We specialise in massage therapies, reflexology, acupuncture, aromatherapy, fabulous facials, craniosacral therapy and much more. Our trained and experienced therapists will tailor your treatment according to your needs, combining different therapies as needed to promote and support your wellbeing. In Japanese, chi yu is ‘healing’ and shizen chiyu ryoku means the ‘body’s self healing ability’. Inspired by Japanese, Oriental and Western traditional philosophies and complementary therapies, we provide personal and effective holistic treatments to support the body’s own healing process, balancing your body, mind and soul and optimising your physical and emotional wellbeing. Contact us now to see how we can help you.

Ajc-TaiChi & Qigong Health-Fitness

I have trained in martial arts for over 30 years and successfully run evening classes in Southeast London & Kent for over 20 years. On many occasions I have taught at seminars for both private companies and local government Having a wealth of knowledge in the martial arts integrated with my life coaching skills allows me not just pass on martial arts but also help people in other areas of their life using these principles My 1-2-1 sessions have always got great feedback and refferal work.

Taiji Ltd.

TAI CHI & QIGONG CLASSES Tai chi can be spelt many different ways: taiji, or t’ai chi, and the full name, taijiquan, or t’ai chi ch’uan can be translated as ‘Supreme Ultimate Fist/Boxing’. The movements of tai chi are combined into what is known as a ‘form’, from short beginner forms to the more advanced competition forms. When you begin tai chi, you work on learning how to coordinate your body, on how to relax and release muscles, on strengthening the legs, on improving your posture and balance, and on toning the muscles. By practising tai chi you learn the best possible way in which to align your body so that your energy will flow unimpeded, and therefore you experience an increased flow of energy. You will have found a way to release stress and tension. Unlike many other forms of exercise, you feel refreshed, revitalised, and relaxed after a tai chi class. This is because tai chi classes incorporate exercises which help to control and develop your energy rather than only developing your muscles. Tai Chi Suitable for all ages and levels.  Beginner Forms are the Yang 10-Step Form (sometimes referred to as the 8-Step Form), the Sun 12-Step Form, and the Yang 16-Step Form. More advanced routines taught are the Yang 24-Step Form, Yang 88-Step Form, Traditional Yang 108 Form, 42 Combined Competition Hand Form, the Chen 56 Competition Form, and several sword and fan Forms. Qigong (ch’i kung) There are 2 types of qigong taught 1) static Zhan Zhuang and 2) moving sets of Daoyin exercises. The latter are health exercises for the organs of the body and the body ‘systems’ e.g. Digestive, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and the Skeletal systems (the latter being for the bones, joints, and tendons). There are also sets of exercises for the Liver, for the Kidneys, for the entire Meridian system, and to generally tone up the body. Most classes also incorporate exercises for the joints including the understanding of some acupressure points.  There are also stretching and breathing exercises. JAMES DREWE has been practising t'ai chi for 40 years, and has been teaching for 25 years. He is the author of 3 books on tai chi, and is both a qualified acupuncturist, and secondary school teacher (PGCE). He is a member of the BCCMA, the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, and the Longfei Taijiquan Association.

Joint Effort

Joint Effort offers Chinese Martial Arts & Eastern health activities plus personal fitness training. One to one training in: Chinese Combat Fitness (like Boxercise) Foshan Wing Chun Kung Fu. Women`s Self defence. Yang T`ai Chi, Spinal Health Exercise and Qigong. Tuina Massage Personal fitness training with emphasis on mature exercisers. Can provide accompanied runs, outdoor swims, fartlek and boot camp style training. Home exercise circuit style training. Gym based exercise in Beeston.

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