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Clapham Osteopath

Osteopathic, Massage and Acupuncture treatments for back & neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, sports injuries, prolapsed (slipped) disc, neuralgia/nerve pain, shoulder, elbow & wrist problems, hip, knee, ankle & foot injuries, pelvic pain, pregnancy issues, postural problems and repetitive strain injury (RSI). Our aim is to get you fully mobile and pain-free and then "keep you moving" so you can continue do the things you want to do.

Catalyst Clinics

I provide both Osteopathic appointments and Nutritional Therapy consultations around London. I specialize in musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal / digestive system complaints.

Equilibrium Health Centre

Are you seeking optimum health? Equilibrium is a complementary medicine and alternative healthcare centre offering an extensive range of treatments, therapies, classes and workshops. Their team of 28 professional dedicated practitioners works with you to maximise your health and well-being. The clinic is open 7 days a week, and is completely toxin-free (all paint is organic, and wall to wall carpets are 100% wool). Acupuncture, Allergy Testing, Aromatherapy, Counselling, Facials, Hypnotherapy, Massage, NLP, Nutrition, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and much more… It is important that you find the therapist you feel comfortable with. Equilibrium has a team that you can trust - Equilibrium was voted the Customer Service Award by readers of the Sussex Express for its outstanding service. Call now on 01273 470955 - you'll be made very welcome (all clients are offered free refreshments), and there just be the ideal treatment to suit you. Live life to your full potential!

love doll

我們工廠設計生產的的實體娃娃皮膚材料是TPE材質,內置金屬骨骼實體娃娃真人大小,各種身高齊全,膚色可選,臉型可選。皮膚材料安全,手感好。仿真度高,做工精細。是國內唯一一家骨骼申請專利保護的廠家。無論是膠體還是骨骼,耐用度極高。 每一個實體娃娃都由我們的專業人才隊伍全手工製作完成,你可以放心使用。我們所有的產品必須經過嚴格地檢查,以滿足我們期望的品質。 E-mail:

Physiotherapy Sheffield & Sports Inuries Clinic

Physiotherapy Sheffield is a small  friendly clinic providing state of the art treatment for people who are suffering with pain from any injury that has not improved on its own. We are proud of the specialist equipment we have in each treatment room that helps people with painful backs or necks to move more freely, improve their posture and reduce their pain. Conditions treated include backache,  joint pain, sprains, sports injuries and arthritis. Services provided include manual therapy hands-on physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy, treatments for sports injuries, post operative rehabilitation and exercise therapy. Practitioner: Anila qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2010, after studying for 4 years in Greece. She is skilled in the diagnosis, management and treatment of many different disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, including complex spinal disorders and joint Hypermobility syndromes. Anila has experience in sports and dance related injuries both in private healthcare and through research. She has been involved in the development of specialist equipment for athletes with her Undergraduate Thesis Research: Tests for Athletes with ACL ligament/Meniscus Knee-injuries (TAK). ​ Anila is always ready with a smiling face to provide an excellent treatment experience in a warm and compassionate manner. She is passionate about her work, and has been involved in the following specialist areas: ​*Sports Injuries (ACL ligament/Meniscus knee Injuries, sprained ankle, Achilles tendon tear/Tendonitis, foot stress fracture, Shin splints, Tennis/ Golf elbow). *Spine: Lower back pain and Sciatica Trapped nerve, Lumbar Disc disease, Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis. *Paediatrics (Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, Knee subluxation/ dislocation, Growing pains, joints Hypermobility syndrome, Juvenile arthritis, Arthritis & Rheumatoid arthritis). *Neurological Disorders (Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Dyspraxia). ​ Anila is committed to her continues professional development, and frequently attends courses ensuring she offers the highest standard of Physiotherapy. When she is away from Physiotherapy Sheffield she enjoys dancing, Zumba, kickboxing and cooking Albanian & Greek food for her friends.

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