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Mural Painters in Newtownabbey

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Example Mural Painting Barks

Mural location

Indoor wall, Outdoor wall

Type of surface


Type of property


Mural width and height

As recommended


I have an idea of what I want

Mural description


Any additional details?

Wall needs priming

What is the type of property?


Where is the mural to be located?

Indoor wall

What is the surface type?

Plaster finish

How large is the area for the mural?

Mural dimensions

Do you have a design?

I have an idea of what I want, Football design for a 5 year olds room

Can you describe the mural you would like painted?

Football theme - stadium on one wall, locker room style on opposite wall. Liverpool badge and Shirts of a few players. Or open to other idea...

When do you need the work carried out?

Within 3 months

Any additional details?

Looking to have a football goal style bed made - child sleeps in the goal


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