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The Hitchin Hypnotherapy Practice/Kelsey-Coaching

I have two companies in Hitchin: Kelsey Coaching and The Hitchin Hypnotherapy Practice. The former is a life, wellness and business coaching service and the latter an emotional and psychological therapy service. I provide Life and Business Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Personality Assessments (Psychometrics), and a wide range of therapeutic and NLP techniques to help clients solve their emotional and psychological problems and achieve their goals. I work predominantly with clients suffering from anxiety and this can be expressed in many different ways e.g. fears, OCD, insomnia, stress, eating disorders, weight issues. However, I have clients who present with a broad range of issues from skin picking, to hair pulling, to irritable bowel syndrome, to fear of being sick, fear of death, fear of public speaking, those who have suffered a trauma and their lives seem to be defined by it, those suffering from stress, inability to sleep, those who need to communicate better at home/at work and so on. I work with my clients to identify the problems and how much disruption they cause day to day in their lives, and then attempt to go to the source of the problems using talking therapies. If nothing particular is recalled by the client, we move on to the next stage which is treating the symptoms with a range of therapeutic techniques, as agreed with the client. My clients may choose to use one or more of the following therapies / approaches: Clinical Hypnosis Coaching Solution-Focused Counselling Psychotherapy EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping The Sedona Method for letting go of an unwanted feeling NLP Parts Integration Therapy NLP Scrambling NLP Anchoring These are some of my relevant qualifications: Masters in Coaching (ILM Performance and Leadership Coaching) Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Registered with 3 leading professional bodies Diploma in OCD and Eating Disorders NLP Practitioner qualification, Registered with the Association of NLP Practitioners Solutions Focused Counselling qualification Myers Briggs Step 1 qualified practitioner (personality type assessments) Adult teacher qualified - Cert. Ed. Registered with 4 professional bodies for ethics and professional accountability, including CHNC. See web site for further information on professional registrations.

Hampshire and Surrey Psychology

I founded Hampshire and Surrey Psychology in 2006 as a local private practice of fully qualified Chartered Clinical and Counselling Psychologists – we have extensive NHS experience and further specialist training. We aim to make first class treatment available outside of the NHS. We are HCPC registered and regulated,which means that we are constantly mindful of evidence based and recommended best practice. We all have stressful times in our lives when we need a little extra help to get through. Sometimes it is just a ‘phase’, a ‘bad patch’ or ‘something you have to live with’. But not always. And when it starts interfering with your life, professional help can make all the difference. We're here to help, do call us to see what the options are.

Beautiful BodyShape

Beautiful Body Shape is a full services boutique, we help individuals seeking to get in better health and fitness as well as those struggling with weight loss who are serious about attaining improvements in the shortest time possible. Our minimum commitment is 6 weeks. Here is what we provide for you. - A full initial assessment with a Pro Physical Therapist - 4 times per week training until results are attained - Customised Nutrition delivered to home or work (optional) - Detox Cleanse Supplement - Weekly measurements with photos to track results - Telephone support and advice We have a variety of packages below -KICK START packages which is suitable for anyone with less than 10 lbs to lose. - CHANGE is a 90 day weight management plan designed for women who is after a dramatic change in their physique . This programme is suitable for women who have up to 12 kilograms (25 lbs) of weight loss required. -TRANSFORM is a 135 day weight management plan designed for women who have tried different strategies to achieve change in their physique. The package is suitable for individuals with up to 17 kilograms (38 lbs) of weight loss required. -TRANSITION is a 180 day weight management plan designed for women who have tried different strategies to achieve transformation for a healthier physique. The package is suitable for individual with up to 23 kilograms (50 lbs) of weight loss. --Hell ZONE- a high intensity program with no frills program designed to energise and motivate those individuals already active who need to turn it up a Notch. Our founders have worked on movie sets world wide and within the fashion industry and has helped many new brides in the process transformed their bodies for their special day. Everyone we select must meet our inclusion criteria to be accepted into the program as we are only after those individuals that are truly committed to long term health and the end results of looking and feeling fabulous. On our plan you will eat more than you have before. We will demand and command a lot of you in order to get the very best out of you each and every activity and every session hence you must eat. Our motto In order to achieve those things you haven't been able to accomplish before you must be willing to go beyond your own depths of understanding. Make the decision and make the call 07999568456 We operate out of two locations as they have everything you need to get fit and healthy, Phoenix Gym Gallions Hotel E16 2QX and Albany Club Private Club in Regent Street NW1 1DY when in the United Kingdom. We work on an appointment only basis and only accept a limited amount of individuals to ensure the quality is kept. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you and let us know which package appeals to you. Prices aren't listed as our website is under construction but we will endeavor to provide that when we meet as no prices are given over the phone. However from the description given you know it is great value no matter the price you will get results. We can assure and guarantee that after 6 weeks you will not look the same, feel the same or weigh the same as when you started. And if you work on a modest scale of 1 lb per week you can be assured you will be making progress ongoing. Contact us now through our sister company email: info@rjphysiotherapy or direct at 07999567456

Colin David Ogdon Psychotherapy

I am a Psychotherapist and Counsellor working in London. I work with people who are suffering in their lives and may need support and help with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts among many other types of worry and stress that people may encounter. I also work with people who need help finding direction in their lives or perhaps struggle to find focus or purpose. I'm 38, I have years of broad life experience and keep a very open mind. If you're struggling I'm sure that I can help you, so please make contact.

Spiral Managed | Advanced Hypnotherapy & Mind Coaching

Our methods are tried & tested Since 1985 and have helped 1000's overcome life issues. We are members of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (CAH) Est. 1986. My Insurance ref is HIS 38670. Our leading style of Advanced Hypnotherapy & Mind Coaching is Dynamic in nature and is life changing for many. 07975-962740 : Free Initial Consultation before booking any sessions 10 to 15 mins. You will learn powerful techniques to apply yourself to limit day to day stress. Skype Sessions Worldwide - or Face to Face @ the Nantwich or Congleton Centre. UNIQUE DE-STRESS SESSIONS : £60.00 per 1hr Session. Strait to the point therapy, covering any Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Confidence or Self-Esteam issues etc. Content-Free, as I don't need to know your life history just the feelings, emotions and compulsions / process your are struggling with. What I do works with most people, most of the time and they feel much better. So learn how to unload your Stress Bucket. Life still keeps happening day by day. Many clients after experiencing the results of my sessions, decide to employ regular de-stress sessions month to month as part of their routine like going to the gym so they have that balance of mind and body. FULL HYPNOTHERAPY SESSION : £90.00 per 1.5hr Session. Helping people to change things faster. I have helped many with Weight loss, Emotions, Limiting beliefs, Sport Performance, Confidence, Anxiety/Depression, Sleep Disorders, PTSD, Post Natal, Pre Natal, Hypnobirthing and More. JUST ASK ME. Advanced Hypnotherapy, The Right Method tried & tested Since 1985. You may only need 3 sessions or less for permanent change. I help many sort the root cause others can't find, change is fast. You will feel the difference in the first session and most have progressive changes in the first week. By booking any sessions following reading my details, you accept in full my Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer which can be found on my website =

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