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Independent Counselling: David Simon

Hi! My name is David and I am a therapeutic counsellor based in Newcastle upon Tyne. What I do is called Person-Centred counselling. I work one-to-one with adult clients in a private and confidential setting. My aim is to offer a therapeutic environment in which the client and myself can work together, to safely explore the client’s emotionally difficult and/or complex personal issues. In Person-Centred work this is achieved by listening, of course, but in a way that genuinely tries to understand and fully accept who you are. The idea is that in a therapeutic relationship where you are not judged or pushed in particular directions, you are free to find your own path. Please visit my website (currently under reconstruction) for more information: Contact me if you feel you would like to pursue the idea of counselling further … Email: Tel: 0191 2308118

Dynamo psychotherapy.

I offer private and confidential psychotherapy and counselling. I treat depression and anxiety and I work with all ages.

P.Gill Psychotherapy Services

P.Gill Psychotherapy Services. A counselling service that specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, based In Rotherham, South Yorkshire. What is CBT Therapy ? CBT focuses on how your irrational thoughts( beliefs ) determine your feelings and affects your choices of your actions and behaviour. The focus of the therapy is to eliminate disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD and phobias as well as other disorders. The aim is to change your thinking and emotions to allow more positive thoughts which in turn produce more helpful feelings and behaviours. As a therapy, CBT can uncover reasons why a person might experience negative thoughts, anxiety, depression or fear and then challenge and eventually change them. CBT is considered one of the most effective therapies for treating a wide variety of illnesses and disorders . In fact research shows that CBT is considered one of the most successful therapies. CBT is based on the theory that it is not events themselves that upset you, but the meanings you attach to them. This can start to cause you problems if you continue to hold on to the same thoughts and patterns of behaviour while failing to see the alternative explanation. CBT aims to show you ways of changing negative thoughts and composing alternative ways of thinking about your situation, all of which will make you feel better. What can CBT treat ? 1. Stress 2. Depression 3. Anxiety 4. Anger 5. Sleeping problems 6. Guilt 7. Chronic fatigue 8. Mood swings 9. Childhood problems 10. Relationship breakups 11. Phobias 12. Panic disorders 13. Post traumatic stress 14. Obsessive compulsive disorder 15. Bulimia 16. Chronic non –malignant pain 17. Impotence 18. Sexual problems 19. Traumatic experiences Cognitive behavioural therapy is not a quick fix or an instant miracle cure, but one of the greatest benefits of CBT is that you can continue to use the skills in future situations to prevent escalating spirals of negative thought. If you are thinking about embarking on a course of CBT sessions, then contact me now for more information on how I can help you, or to book a free consultation please call 07889409318 I look forward to helping you. P.Gill Psychotherapy Services Office 301 38 Moorgate Road Rotherham S65 3HR

Better Myself

Better Myself offers Life & Performance Coaching and Counselling, using CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Life & Performance Coaching is for those with a goal they are struggling to attain, such as work-life balance, increasing confidence, finding a career that you love or one of a million other goals that you may be trying to attain. Counselling is for those with a problem they are struggling to get past and which is affecting all other areas of their life, such as relationships and work. You could be struggling with depression, dealing with the loss of a loved one, struggling to deal with anger or anxiety or any other problem that is having a negative affect on your life. Whatever your problem or goal is, I am here to help you to achieve the outcome you want.

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