Success Stories

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Richard Gray

Since Bark I’m filling up my schedule

Richard Gray transitioned from a career of over 20 years in the translation industry, to become a professional photographer with the help of Bark. We’ve provided him with a steady flow of quality potential work and Richard stands by Bark for being the best service he’s used.

By being selective with the leads he pursues, Richard has been able to to get his business off the ground, and continues to grow his business successfully with Bark.

Rugfoot Photography

Leanne Osbourne

I get 82% of my clients from Bark

Leanne uses Bark on a daily basis to expand and improve her client base. Since she set up her company, Leanne has been using Bark to secure more business for Paradigm Cleaning Solutions. She currently attributes 82% of her clients to Bark.

Bark works well for Leanne as we save her both time and money. The convenience of having new potential customers sent to her via email means that she has more time to focus on managing and growing her business.

Paradigm Cleaning Solutions

Adam Heppenstall

Everything changed when I found Bark

After quitting a successful career as a TV presenter and taking the plunge into being a professional magician Adam was struggling. Everything changed when he found Bark. After securing his first client through Bark, Adam was then able to start getting his business off the ground.

Getting those all important first few clients is essential to a new business and can often be the difference between make or break. Bark provides you with a steady flow of leads, helping you to start building the foundations of your business.

Stefan Wesley

I got my largest client through Bark

Stefan used Bark to grow his business outside of his existing network. After exhausting all of his contacts from previous clients, Stefan decided he needed to find people looking for the service he could provide. Bark was a perfect match.

By responding to potential clients as quickly as possible, often within minutes of receiving the details, Stefan was able to increase his customer base drastically. Sigma now has 12 employees across two offices and are still using Bark to expand their business.

Sigma Digital

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