Reviews & Testimonials

Get reviews and show how many times you've been hired

Once you've been hired we'll ask the customer to review your services - but you can also request reviews from your clients on Bark, and other clients who you've worked with.

Getting Reviewed For Jobs on Bark

Reviews are an incredibly important way to improve your chances of getting hired. They appear on your public profile and customers use them extensively to work out which pros they want to work with.

Reviews & Testimonials

When you've replied to a customer and negotiated to do some work you can choose to let us know that you've been hired for that job - find out how here. The customer can also choose to say that they've hired you too.

Once you or the customer has indicated that you were hired for a job, the customer will be asked to leave a review. They can provide a star rating and a comment about your work.

As a seller, you can manage your reviews through your dashboard. You can reply directly to reviews to thank the customer, or to provide feedback when things didn't quite go as planned - and your reply will appear on your public profile with the review. And if a review is fraudulent, malicious or abusive you can report it to the team so that we can remove it from your profile.

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Get Reviews From Other Customers

You can also get reviews from other customers, even if you didn't find them on Bark, and their reviews will appear on your public profile. We provide tools to help you get reviewed by these customers - just enter their email address and we'll send them an email requesting a review.

How to request reviews from other customers >

Showing Reviews On Your Website reviews badge

Once you’ve got some great reviews, you can show them on your website with a Bark badge. This provides your customers with a direct link from your site to your Bark Profile, and instantly shows your star rating.

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