Following Up

We give you the tools to chat or call customers directly

We make sure to send you a notification every time a potential customer reads your message, so that you know exactly when to follow up. Sometimes the customer may be caught up and not have had time to respond to your first message, but this doesn't mean they are not interested! Our most successful pros all know the value of following up to convert the business

Call The Customer

When you've sent your reply to the customer we'll give you the customer's phone number. We'll also notify you when the customer has read your reply. Many pros find that calling the customer soon after they've read your reply is a great way to engage with them when they're considering your business - and can help you answer any concerns or questions they might have.

If you don't get hold of them on the first call, then leave a professional message explaining who you are and how they can contact you. And don't be afraid to try again later!

Email The Customer

If you are unable to reach the customer via the phone and through the Bark messaging service, then a good alternative can be to email them directly.

Sometimes people may be busy during the day meaning they can’t pick up the phone but emails are often a great way to avoid this issue.

Send A Follow-Up Message

If you don't get a response from the customer within a day or two, make sure you follow up with them by sending them a message. Bark provides a comprehensive messaging platform, where you can send messages, photos, attachments and more directly to the customer - and there's no charge at all for any messages you send after your first reply.

We notify each customer by email when you send them a message, so it's a great way to remind them that you're there and still need a response.

Look Out For Notifications

We'll let you know whenever a customer takes an action in relation to your response - so when they've read your response, when they've viewed your profile, or if they've sent you a request for you to get in touch. Pay close attention to these notifications - catching a customer when they're online and thinking about your business can be a great time to follow up.