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Showcase your company and stand out from the crowd

Your profile is your dedicated presence on Bark. We send your profile to customers when you reply to them, so that they can find out about your business, see your credentials and read reviews. Sellers with a comprehensive and well-written profile secure far more business on Bark.

Company Description

Your company description is a great opportunity for you to explain in your own words what you do and what sets you apart from other businesses in your industry. Information like this can be a useful selling tool when convincing a potential customer to chose your business. Take a look at this example from CCarchitecture Ltd to see how your description can be used to drive sales.

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Website & Social Media Links

Many customers will want to check out your website or your social media profiles when deciding whether or not to work with you. If you have an active social media presence then make sure you include all of the links you can. We'll even show your latest tweets and Facebook posts on your profile page, allowing customers to see what you're about in one glance.

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Reviews = Rewards

Reviews are one of the most powerful tools you can use to secure more business. Potential customers use them extensively when selecting a pro to work with. Take a look at these great examples from The Great Adamos' profile.

Customers are encouraged to leave a review when they hire you on Bark, but other customers can also add reviews - even those who didn't come from Bark. We highly recommend that you reach out to all of your customers and encourage them to leave a review on your Bark profile - regardless of how you found them.

Professionals on Bark with reviews are more than twice as likely to convert the business.

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Show Your Work With Photos & Videos

A picture speaks a thousand words, and for many industries showing your work can be one of the simplest ways to convey the quality service that you provide. Adding plenty of photos - or linking to videos you've posted to YouTube - can be a great way to instantly show what you do and demonstrate your attention to detail.

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Demonstrate your Credentials

There are many industries where official credentials are vitally important, and showcasing the hard work that you've put into obtaining them can increase trust and help your chances of getting hired. Make sure you list all of your credentials or the credentials of your team on your Bark profile.

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