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1. Are you over worked and doing long hours, torn between career and family/life?
2. Do you feel stuck and that there must be something more to life?
3. Do you find it difficult getting to sleep due to the demanding priorities of your career and life?

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1. Are you over worked and doing long hours, torn between career and family/life?
2. Do you feel stuck and that there must be something more to life?
3. Do you find it difficult getting to sleep due to the demanding priorities of your career and life?
4. Are you tired of being tired and overwhelmed?

I help senior level professionals to create balance in their work and life, so they can perform at their best at work AND still have time for themselves and the activities and things that matter to them.

Why Work with me?
• I am solution focused with the ability to break down problems in to more manageable parts. I also work to provide lasting change by helping you to change your mindset so that it becomes a way of life. I will identify limiting beliefs and will help/support you to change these and have more belief in your ability and worth.
• Have worked both in the commercial and charitable sector which gives me the understanding of the demands and differences in both environments.
• Over 10 years coaching on issues of career, business, relationships, parenting and young people plus 18 years of coaching and consulting in health and nutrition which enables me to have a holistic understanding regards to the challenges faced by professionals in their lives and to still have the time for it all.
• I bring a mix of approaches from coaching, counselling and mentoring.
• Due to my personal experience of and working with disability I have a passion to help professionals both with or without a disability.
• I am authentic and I genuinely care about what you want, and I will help you to see and enhance your potential so you can create a life of balance, passion and purpose.
• I offer individual and a group programme, see below for details.

1 To 1 Programme:
The Time For Me & Live Your Best Life programme

I provide individual coaching programmes to help senior/executive professionals meet the demands of their work and personal life so that it does not have to be a constant unfulfilled juggle.

The Time For Me & Live Your Best Life programme will focus on creating work/life balance, so you perform at your best at work AND still have time for you and the activities that matter to you. It will identify and help rediscover the passions and things that drive you so that you can be the best person you can be and start enjoying life again.

This programme will help you regain balance, renew your energy and reignite your passion for your life by concentrating on particular areas. The programme individually customized to be able to work with the specifics to your situation but will follow/cover some core/main themes too.

It will help you -
• regain balance between career and life so you have time for the things that are important to you, and it will reignite your passion for your career and life.
• Improve your energy levels so it’s not such a struggle getting through the day or help reduce other health related symptoms.
• Renew your passion/enthusiasm for what you do or to gain clarity around what you really want to do, in your career/business.
Have a better quality of life, Less stress and overwhelm. To also re-align and have a clear understanding of your beliefs and values in relation to how it is key in your career.

We spend a large percentage of our life working so do something you are passionate about and that you enjoy, and it will never feel like work .

The BHive Group Programme

I help senior level professionals to identify and get clear on what your ideal career is and your true purpose is, and also create balance in your work and life, so you can perform at your best at work or business.

The BHive programme helps professionals who want a change and something new but are unsure what it is. This will help you in identifying those key and important things so you can align who you are with what you want to do whether changing industry and career or considering starting your own venture. The programme will look at:

B – Beliefs, what are your core beliefs around things.
H – Hobbies, what activities and things do you do, or would like to do more of, in your own time outside of work.
I – Interests, What other interests do you have or would like to develop and is there any of either this or the previous one that you are very passionate about.
V – Values, What are your personal values and how does this influence your life.
E – Enthusiasm/motivation, looking at what motivates you and keeps you enthusiastic about what you do either at work or outside of work.

Those are the core elements to discovering what someone would want to do and from that it will consider other factors to establish options and opportunities available to them. Working with all this it will assist you in getting clear about what it is you truly want to do and are passionate about doing.

We spend a large percentage of our life working so make sure you do something you are passionate about and that you enjoy, and it will never feel like work  again, or create the conflicts you are feeling currently.

To find out more about how I can help and the one to one or group programmes don't hesitate to contact me.

Coaching is an excellent tool, providing leaders in a business with a powerful method of engaging in dialogue with others such as team members or service users, and providing them with appropriate key professional and personal development.

In order to maintain a successful position, in a small business or a Direct Sales/Home Based Business, it is important to know what success means to you and what exactly you need to do to achieve it. It is with this in mind that coaching can be of unlimited benefit for all Professionals. Coaching allows you to focus on the reality of what is going on within and it creates an opportunity to learn from life’s experiences in such a way that mistakes are never repeated. It is a ‘tool’ that can be used for building self esteem, creating product knowledge, building relationships between you and customers/staf/team membersf, increasing call rations, understanding the psychology of selling, getting the most of training, changing belief systems and much more………Coaching is a professional relationship which facilitates performance, learning and development of people. It is about improving effectiveness and achieving results. It focuses on measurable steps of success.

I help small/home business owners or people working from home that are spending too much time working to clarify & prioritize their focus so that they can work more effectively. I can also help with getting clear on goals and daily focus so that you aren't being distracted by the other things in your environment. I help those in
direct sales businesses, including network marketing, from home that are struggling to make enough sales, streamline their sales techniques and work more efficiently so that they can increase their revenue. Coaching can help home based businesses or people who work from home to increase their
productivity & profitability.

Individual Coaching Packages/programmes are available to meet the specific needs of your business, whether it is a small business, direct sales home business or a service professional who works from home. A group programme will also be available soon so please get in touch if this would be of interest too. To further discuss your needs please Contact me.

I work with individuals using special techniques, personal experience, expertise and encouragement to assist you in bringing your behavioral changes about.

I will be able to guide you to "discover" and address your own ambivalence to health behavior change. Health coaching can help you to identify issues, beliefs, and concerns that may hinder or support your lifestyle change or responsibility for health that lies ahead for you. I will utilize goal setting, identification of obstacles, and use of personal support systems. We will work together as a partnership keeping you accountable focused on the overall health outcome goals as defined by you and your healthcare practitioners.

The programme will provide motivation, encouragement, and health education in an atmosphere where full attention is given to you and where the way to self discovery is paved. Health education is also part of the information that is shared with you.

I will encourage and guide you to talk about what is most troubling for you about your conditions, what you most want to change, what support you have to foster change, and what obstacles or difficulties must be removed or minimized to advance your healthy behaviors. We will focus on the special issues and concerns unique to you that fit into the context of your life.

The programme will cover several aspects of your life such as exercise, lifestyle, behaviours and diet and nutrition, including using nutritional supplimentation if appropriate to further support and improve yourr well being.

Please Contact Me to discuss your needs and to find out how I can help you to achieve your health goals.

This is a client-focused programme where an individual or couple is assumed to be healthy, powerful, and able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance.

Life and relationships have become much more complex and the need for relationship coaching is significant today because of many varying reasons and situations.

The types of relationships that I can help and support with can include family, work and romantic to mention a few. For help within romantic relationships you can read the 5 different types that we can work on, some of these are for individuals and others are relevant for couples.

The relationship coaching approach for romantic/intimate relationships is organized around 5 identifiable Stages:

1. Self-Discovery and Readiness Coaching (individual) - This addresses the questions: "Who am I?" "What do I want?" and "How do I get what I want?". The Coaching activities may include:

• Identifying and eliminating Limiting beliefs
• Identification of life goals and needs
• Clarify Vision, Requirements, Needs, and Wants
• Assessing Relationship history for patterns
• Personality assessment (traits, values, preferences, etc)
• Development of Core Relationship Competencies
• Develop profile of Life Partner
• Develop "Relationship Plan" to manifest/attract Life Partner

2. Attraction/Dating Coaching (individual) - This focuses on effective dating skills and activities. The coaching activities may include:

• Where and how to meet potential life partners
• Becoming ready for a committed relationship
• Effectively meeting people, developing networks, sorting potential partners
• Staying on track with your Relationship Plan

3. Pre-Commitment/Pre-Marital Coaching (couple) - This helps new couples become conscious and objective about the future of their relationship, and coaching
activities may include:

• Become clear about whether this relationship is right for you
• Getting a reality check, being accountable to what you want
• Developing strategies for testing, decision-making
• Addressing emotional and compatibility issues

4. Couples Coaching (couple) - This helps a committed couple to co-create a functional Life Partnership, and activities may include:

• Getting a committed relationship off to a good start
• Effective communication and conflict resolution skills
• Discovering and overcoming issues and obstacles around functional needs, such as parenting, domestic responsibilities, finances, etc.
• Identifying and negotiating mutual wants, needs, and goals

5. Bliss Coaching (couple) - This helps a committed couple with a functional relationship deepen their emotional intimacy, trust, love, and connection, and
activities may include:

• Increasing authentic expression of thoughts, feelings, wants, needs
• Ownership of emotional reactivity
• Increasing mutual support, trust, safety around emotional vulnerabilities and intimacy
• Developing skills, rituals, and practices for deepening emotional, physical, and spiritual connection and fulfillment

Additionally I provide individual or group coaching with regards to recovery after divorce/separation. The group programme would run for 10 weeks. This coaching support would help people after a breakdown in their marriage or long term relationship, such as a couple living together for 10 years, as they may require help with such things as:

• Supporting with loss and acceptance.
• Confidence/self esteem building.
• Socialising or rediscovering hobbies/interests again.
• Dealing with limitting or self belief issues.
• Challenges with parenting now they are separated.
• Establishing new habits/routines.
• Creating a new future.

Please contact me for further details regards to any of the programmes or to find out how I can assist you with relationship coaching.

Launching soon so please contact for more information.

Starting soon a client focused programme for young people 17-25. Please contact for more information.