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Harrogate,, North Yorkshire


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Get a free quote from this professional

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


We are bespoke personal trainers located In Harrogate.
I and all staff have leavel 3 qualifications in personal training, training and coaching, gym technician, human physiology, nutrition and diet.

My name is James and I run "My home gyms".

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16 February 2020

I've had five training sessions with James so far and I'm really enjoying them. Every week is totally different so there's nothing to get bored with. James seems to instinctively know how to push me that bit further than I'd like, but not so far as to put me off! More...

18 November 2019

Personal Trainers

I had a baby 4 months ago and recently started to train with James. He is a really knowledgable trainer and fun to workout with.


Knowledgeable Training Expertise

With a level-3 qualification in personal training, gym instruction, diet and nutrition, combined with years of success and experience,

Our personal trainer in Harrogate will work with you to keep you at a suitable level and intensity to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals. We currently do this on line through "zoom" for video and WhatsApp call for audio..

Training at your home, or in the studio in Harrogate with the entire gym to yourself and one to one coaching we delivers on your promises to yourself (currently not available due to Covid19.. and social distancing..


Commitment, perseverance and motivation. MyHomeGym Instructors have buckets full of motivation and are happy to share it with you..
Making exorcise fun and part of what you do rather than a chore.. and we can help you reach your goals with one to one online sessions.. at a time to suit you..

Helping people get fit and stay fit and healthy, helping people achieve some personal goals. and for those whose goal it is to get the body they have always wanted but also just feel good and healthy from within..
Theres a great feeling our trainers get from watching the work they do with their cliants make thier cliants happy and able to be them selves, looking good and feeling body confident.

I work for the fire service as an officer, a firefighter, and a PTI training firefighters and maintaining their fitness. A huge part of the job As an instructor and fitness coach in the services is keeping it fun and interesting and being a fire fighter for many years its easy to see the huge difference the encouragement of a healthy lifestyl a little help and guidance on how best to train can make to what can be achieved.
I wanted to share that enthusiasm with people who find it hard to exorcise in a meaningful and productive way. Getting results they can see and measure.
So "My Home Gyms" was born, training in the same way I trained in the fire service. Making traing fun and using a range of skills, expertise and years of experience of training firefighters to get the most out of each session.

As a Fire service fitness instructors i have level 3 qualifications as a personal trainer, gym technician, gym instructor, and qualifications in nutrition, and diet.
But and its a big but... i can train you in your home, over the internet, one to one with you focused on your goals and use the same training we use in the fire service for functional fitness so we can tailor every session with every client to your needs. Plus we enjoy seeing you achieve your goals step by step with our help. We are super friendly and love what we do..


One to one exclusive training to suit your needs..
In your home over yhe internet.
30min, 40min, sessions at £20, and £30.
You can choose to invite up to 3 friends if you wish to join us on "Zoom" and traing exclusively with them at discounted rates.