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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


WOMEN WORK OUT is a West Oxfordshire based Personal Training and Pilates company specifically tailored to women’s health and fitness and run by me, Alice.

I aim to do one thing and that's that's improve the wellbeing of ALL women that come to me.

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20 May 2020

I have had Alice help me for many years. Her attitude is great and her knowledge is amazing. She is an excellent coach.

18 May 2020

Alice is a great personal trainer. She quickly understands your goals and works with you to help you achieve them. She has a sympathetic yet determined approach and will get the best out of you without giving you a hard time. She’s kind, fun and focussed. I highly recommend! More...

14 May 2020

One to one sessions with Alice have been really amazing and exactly what I needed. I'm now stronger, fitter, lean and a lot less achey. Now we're in lockdown, Alice is offering her sessions online and I think they're exactly what women need right now. More...

14 May 2020

Women work our team are phenomenal - they really go the extra mile to work with you and try and tailor make exercises to help any injuries challenges you may have. They are superb! I’ve learnt so much from Alice sessions. Plus she makes it fun! More...

14 May 2020

Alice and I met for a PT session every week for YEARS! She's brilliant. So inventive, fun and specific to what I needed. Thank you Alice, you got me through those post-baby years with a smile. More...


Firstly by finding out exactly what their goal or goals are. Together we chat about your goals in detail and once we have done that and agree I can help you, we 'meet' online via zoom to do some assessments which will depend on your specific goals. Once that's done we can crack on with getting you moving. Fitness goals aren't always about losing weight, sometimes its about simply feeling better so I will design a plan according to your needs and that may or may not include nutritional advice.

The secret to getting the body of your dreams is consistency. I believe the body of your dreams means many things to many people. For some it is to have a six pack, many to be injury free and for others to feel strong. Whichever it means to you, being honest about what YOU want is the secret to the body of your dreams.

Watching people progress and achieve their goals. I love seeing clients achieve things they didn't think they could just by a little encouragement at the right time and level. I also love seeing the impact that the physical side of training has on ones mental wellbeing too.

I loved my job in sports television production but I knew that I wanted to work in an environment where I could help people. It was a casual chat with my brother that encouraged me to take a risk, leave my job and gain my Personal Training qualifications. I later went on to train as a Pilates instructor realising how incredibly amazing and beneficial Pilates is. It's so much more than training your core. The truth is, 11 years later and I haven't looked back once!

You should choose me because I want to help you achieve YOUR goal . I have learned so much in 10 years of training women, the main thing being that we are ALL different and one size doesn't fit all. Whilst I'll be serious about your goal, I also want my clients to have fun and enjoy discovering what their body can do with out dreading their workouts! I've been injured so understand when to push thing and when to slow things up.

Yes, I can provide both classes and personal PT and Pilates sessions online via Zoom.

I ensure that all equipment used is cleaned with clinical wipes after each session. I wear a mask and ensure I'm 2 metres away from clients during the session. I suggest clients bring their own exercise mats but can provide.