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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Who do we Train ?
In short - anyone!
We welcome everyone whether you are complete beginner and new to exercise, an experienced exerciser, a sportsman/sportswoman, young or an older person, even someone suffering from health problems (such as COPD) or requiring injury rehabilitation.

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31 March 2022

Massage Therapy

Amazing guy sorted my shoulder right out very informed about fitness.

30 September 2019

Personal Trainers

Great trainer, would highly recommend

19 July 2019

After damaging my achilles in late 2017, I was recommended to see Ernie by the running coach at my club. To be honest, I didn’t hold out much hope for getting it sorted, as I have a long history of running injuries. We started off with weekly exercises and a massage. He also made sure to explain the causes of injury and gave me weekly stretches to do at home. He made sure to equip me with the knowledge I needed to prevent future issues. Eventually we started training together. Very slow, short distances at first, eventually building up to ten mile runs. I continued the training runs with Ernie for quite a while, as he’s good company and I felt better running with him. I then had about nine great months of running with my club before I was struck down with Plantar fasciitis. I have since being seeing Ernie to get a deep muscle massage on my calves, which feels fantastic and helps reduce the pain. More...

12 July 2019

Ernie's fire lighting course using a bow drill was a unique and rewarding experience.

Ernie carefully explains and demonstrates each step of fire lighting. I found him to be very patient and helpful in understanding each step, especially the technique in using the bow. Ultimately you end up making a fire (providing all goes well) with Ernie providing suggestions along the way. Lighting a fire in this manner gives you a real sense of achievement and a heightened appreciation of ancient fire lighting skills.

It's worth noting that very young or elderly people may find using the bow drill too difficult as it requires a controlled sustained effort over time to generate sufficient embers.


11 July 2019

I had a 90 minute,divine hot stone massage to assist the release of tension in my body, but mainly the lower back.
The mood of low lighting, soothing music and gentle fragrance helped me feel comfortable and at ease. His professionalism from the start was shown with Ernie's explanation of the process and aim of the treatment. He requested feedback on temperature, pressure and comfort to ensure a high quality experience. My back felt stronger and straighter afterwards.
If I was a cat, I would have been purring. I am definitely going back for more.

1 April 2019

Working with Wombat Fitness has honestly changed my life for the better. I’m fitter than I have ever been and this has had a huge positive transformation in all areas of my life.
Brilliant training and diet guidance from a smart and dedicated trainer. Ernie is head and shoulders above anyone else I’ve ever trained with.
I can’t recommend Wombat Fitness more.
B Williams


6 March 2019

I have been with Ernie for 8 weeks now and the results have been amazing. He really is a true professional in this field. Not only have I lost weight but my blood pressure has gone down which was an issue for me. I cannot recommend Ernie enough.

29 August 2018

Personal Trainers

still working with Ernie and Debbie both of these guys clearly do this for promoting healthy living and encouraging all to be the best they can be. Ernie is a fitness Jedi! These guys will be in my life going forward even when the regular sessions are done with. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is determined to improve their fitness and mobility. More...

23 June 2016

I have been working with Debbie Jewson since September 2015 to improve my general levels of fitness and to lose weight. I am now half a pound away from losing 3 stone! I cannot rate Wombat Fitness highly enough. Debbie is SO supportive and encouraging. I feel so much better in myself, have loads more energy and for the first time ever in May 2016 I took part in my first ever "Race for Life" where I achieved a personal best time. I will continue to go to Wombat Fitness as my journey is not yet complete. More...

22 June 2016

I was at my wits end and at the point of admitting defeat with regard to my huge weight gain, lack of fitness and the aches and pains of arthritis that had come with turning 50. Thankfully I summoned the courage to sign up for personal training with Debbie and it was without doubt a game changing decision. I can't thank Debbie enough for the amazing difference she is making to my well being. She has been there and done it all herself as you will see if you visit the Wombat Fitness website. For the first time ever I know I am working with someone who really understands! Debbie provides a huge variety within sessions and tracks progress and sets new challenges consistently. I have never been so motivated and I feel my level of fitness building with every session. I have a long way to go but have not the slightest doubt that I will finally be sticking with the programme! More...

20 June 2016

Wombat Fitness personalised a programme to get me motivated and even provides workout sheets/information on nutrition so I don't fall off the wagon between sessions! Very committed and varies the workout sessions, from studio based to a gentle jog along the seafront. I've found Wombat Fitness to be very aware of my personal abilities and achievable challenges. I think whatever level you wanted to work at, from starting an exercise regime to training for a 'long haul' run, Wombat Fitness would set a programme to personally suit you. Since starting my sessions, I am no longer a 'couch potato'! More...

15 September 2015

Personal Trainers

Having now arranged for a series of personal training sessions, I have found both Debbie and Ernie two really encouraging and supportive trainers who not only assist with PT sessions but also on the dietry and medical aspects of keeping fit. They have provided a really good positive approach to keeping fit and have inspired me to take on some physical challenges next year. Something I wouldn't have done without their encouragement. Thanks very much to you both. More...

15 September 2015

In 1996 I ruptured my ACL & my surgeon said I would never run or play impact sports again. Forward to Jan 2015 & my weight had ballooned to a record high of 28st 6lb. I'd always been a big guy, 18st+ since my teens - but I was also very fit due to a career in the Merchant Navy. I was worried.. A visit to our mutual friend, Steve, a 1st class physio, told me my knee was weak but there was no reason I couldn't turn this around. He gave me Ernie's number & said he is the best guy to help. It took me until the end of Feb to work up the confidence but after our 1st consultation, I knew we'd get on. Fast forward to Sept 2015 and I've shed almost 4 stone! I'm losing roughly 1-2lb a week, am fully active and with the strength & confidence Ernie has given me, I'm running again - something I was told 19yrs earlier I would NEVER do again... I've just completed a 27-mile charity cycle ride (Southend Bikeathon) with consummate ease and am looking forward to my next challenge: a 5k RUN!!! Getting this far has been extremely hard for me, but Ernie always gives you 100% and pushes you the right way. His sessions are always varied & usually hard, but there would be no sense of achievement if it were easy.. Itwill take me some time to reach my ultimate goal, but in Ernie, know I have a trainer - and now a friend - who will make sure I get there. More...


We believe that everyone has the potential to not only achieve but to surpass their fitness goals.
We approach our clients as individuals with different needs requiring different techniques and approaches to help them reach their goals.
We encourage our clients to take on not just a Fitness Programme but to take on a total Lifesyle Change.
We do not believe in pressuring our clients but try to endeavour to make our sessions as interesting, enjoyable and as stimulating as possible.
Above we have a passion for what we do and honestly believe that the effort and dedication we put into our clients is unsurpassed.

A positive attitude and self belief and this is something we at Wombat Fitness endeavour to pass onto our clients.

The opportunity to help people to not only reach their goals but to surpass them and in doing this we find our work very rewarding on a personal level.
It is for us more than just a job.

We have both a past history of competitive running and one would consider us fast.
Ernie has a wealth of experience of over 45 years of wilderness trekking and survival training.
We also have competed in the most extreme Ultra races in the country i.e. 260 miles +
There is much we do not like about the Health and Fitness industry in general and believe we can do better by positively inspiring our clients.

We needed to follow our passion and do what we truly love.

Passion.....we have passion and belief in what we do and believe without passion you have nothing.
We are very experienced level headed sincere people who demonstrate a level of commitment and dedication rarely seen.
We enjoy what we do !


We teach Primitive Fire Lighting Skills using Bow-Drill, Flint and Steel etc.
We also teach and demonstrate how various tinders can be utilised, how to make Char Wood, Char Cloth and various materials one can make cordage with.
Every part of the process can be demonstrated and taught.
Price on application starting from £45-

We recommend Hot Stone Massage therapy to promote not only a relaxing stress relieving sensation throughout the body but also for its healing and sedative effects opening up blood vessels to enhance blood flow relieving pain to injured,sore and tired muscles.
We often combine Hot Stone Massage with Full Body Massage and alternating Ultrasound Therapy to target specific injured or sore spots with great results.
An experience that cant be missed.