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WildTribe is a marketing agency specialising in social media for the outdoors, travel, leisure and luxury sectors. We offer professional photography and videography services, combined with a post-production team of graphic designers and video editors.


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10 November 2020

We are having an amazing experience with andy and team at wildtribe. There patience dealing with a computer illiterate is endless.
Our sales have increased more importantly.

A huge massive thanks to the team expecially Andy for a truely eye opening experience i wouldnt have a clue what to do if it wasnt for you guys.


15 October 2020

I put a request in through Bark for some product photos. Andy called me quickly and we talked through my requirements. I liked his work ethic and the type of work he had done before so I went with him. Turnaround was quick, easy and seemless and the quality was excellent with good suggestions. I shall be requesting his service again when our other products arrive next month. More...

26 August 2020

I’m so glad I came into here and that Wildtribe made contact with me, they have produced some fantastic photographs for us. They are efficient, communicate very well, do what they say, when they say they will do it, a absolute joy to work with. Can not recommend them enough! More...

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There are so many factors that go into shooting a good photo, but one overly sensitive factor and an aspect all photographers strive to find is good lighting. We can produce this in a studio, but in the outdoors, it can be out of our hands. In some cases, we want moody, overcast light, other times its the warm sunset glow. Depending on the images you need, hunting for the right light is vital.

What is your product? How many products, styles, variants do you have? Do you need studio or lifestyle (outdoors) photography? What are you using the images for? Do you have a brief on the type of images you would like created?

Research similar products, brands and inspiration sites relating to your product/brand. Create a shooting plan to outline some concepts on the narratives and type of photos we can create to support your objective. Plan the actual logistics of the shoot, carry out the shoot and finally move things in post-production where we can enhance everything in our editor suites.

We usually then post a link to view the photos online and you can select the images you would like up to the limit we agreed for the shoot and also purchase additional images if needed. Finally, we package these images up in high-res and deliver a download link for you to access the images.

As much detail as possible about what you would like to achieve and importantly, what are you using the images for.

We really enjoy understanding the whole picture for brands. What is your overall goal, it isn't just taking the photos, it is how you are going to use them, are they for social ads or for your website or amazon?

We understand the whole advertising, social media and CPC model. With this knowledge we already have the marketing insight into what we type of photoshoot looks to achieve and enjoy guiding clients through this.

Like many, our inspiration to start our own business came in the self-belief that we could do a good job for clients, while also benefiting from the freedom of self-employment.

Our team combines over 20 years of marketing experience with the expertise of leading industry graphic designers, video production and photography. We support brands with a full range of social management, advertising and content creation. And so understand the full flow of how to create content and use it effectively to drive awareness, engagement and ultimately sales.



We are a social agency with a difference, not only are we experienced in elevating businesses on social media (and Facebook Blueprint certified) but we also run a worldwide network of creators and influencers that can create next-level content and exposure for your brand.

We offer Ad Creation and Management, Social Media Management, Photography and Video Content Creation and Influencer Management.

Harness the power of social media through WildTribe’s industry-leading social ad management services. We are industry experts offering a fully certified Facebook Blueprint service, supporting brands to achieve more from ad campaigns. We develop strategies to grow your awareness, engage audiences and drive ROI sales conversions from investment. Building ad campaigns from start to finish that really work for your business. This service includes ad strategy, content creation, and management and reporting.

We can provide a full suite of services from creating a fresh social media strategy to full management of photography, video and copy creation. We manage the delivery of posts across multiple platforms, scheduling at the most productive times and supporting with social boosting and social advertising strategies. Finally, we also manage ambassador and influencer teams, recruiting and organising projects to drive awareness for your brand.

WildTribe supports brands in creating authentic, engaging and bespoke content of products and services in action. Through in-house production of professional photography and video. WildTribe also runs a worldwide community of content creators that can help to promote your product from anywhere in the world.

WildTribe is a global community of outdoors, adventure and travel influencers and creators. Our members range from hobbyist social sharers up to professional level macro-influencers. The community supports brands with a range of influencer services including authentic content creation, and awareness campaigns. We can create bespoke influencer campaigns to get your brand noticed or to promote a specific product or service.

We operate an in-house full-time studio with the capability to build white background catalogue images for amazon or online websites. We have space and versatility to shoot on model or off-model and create propped/designed studio settings.