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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I help people to master feeling peaceful and calm no matter what challenges they face in life.

Did you know that there’s a cutting edge approach to transformation that is taking the world by storm? It helps you to take back control of your emotions, beat stress and develop bulletproof confidence quicker, easier and more effectively than any other model out there?


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9 July 2020

Lee was very easy to talk to and very understanding, gave me a different way of looking at things. Calm and kind. I really felt he cared about me.

19 May 2020

It's a bit early to say much, but he appears very pleasant.

18 February 2020

Someone you can trust with a big heart

11 November 2019

honesty integrity and love for humanity.

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Coaching is magick. Why "magick" with a k? The word is often used to differentiate between stage show magic and real magick. A definition given to magick is anything moving a person close to their ultimate destiny. The magick doesn't come from me but my clients. I help people to understand the true source of their stress and anxiety to then point them towards their innate wisdom to overcome them.

I know and understand what it's like to suffer from stress and anxiety. I did for 18 years. Then, over 8 years ago, everything changed when I came to a new understanding of where our human experience comes from. The stress and anxiety fell away, my relationships changed and my career took off. I don't want it to take 18 years for others and it doesn't need to. So I left my career to pursue my mission to help people discover what I had.

- I'm authentic - I only work with you if I genuinely believe in you and what I can do for you.
- I care - It's not just a business to me. It's about making changes that matter.
- I know my stuff - I walk the talk. I know how to shortcut around the obstacles because my life long experiences have shown me how. I've spent thousands of pounds investing in me, so my clients can reap the returns at a fraction of the time and cost.



I'm on a mission to empower individuals to overcome their obstacles and help them realise their full potential. Whatever place you currently find yourself in, you may do just fine on your own and your "default timeline". But to have an incredible one, my coaching will help you go from bad to good and good to fantastic!

I'm a certified tai chi instructor for the British Health Qigong Association and Dr Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health Institute. I run regular classes, demos, talks and workshops to empower individuals and their communities through tai chi and qigong.