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21 December 2020

Danny helped me in reaching my goals in a simple, realistic way! In 12 weeks I am the lightest I have been in 10 years and the happiest with my body I have actually ever been! Thanks to Danny I know now how to structure my meals and what to eat to reach my goals! Danny’s thorough guidance and support, affordable and non-complicated recipes were the key!! Already recommended to friends and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone confused with nutrition as much as I was before I’ve met Danny! ☺️ More...

5 October 2020

I’ve struggled loosing weight over the years and developed a really bad relationship with food, Danny has really helped get my food and nutrition back in check. I’ve lost weight and am eating better than I’ve ever eaten before, if I’ve had a wobble or have been unsure about anything food wise training wise he has always been a text message away. I really can’t recommend Danny highly enough he’s changed my lifestyle and I can’t thank him enough. More...

7 February 2020

Quick service. Cheap enough. Great

5 January 2020

Fantastic help with finally sorting my diet needs, from training days to lazy days i can i now have the correct info to help. Thank you

21 August 2019

I found Webber Nutrition by complete fluke tbh. I had always thought having a nutritionist was way out of my price range thinking it was only for the rich and celebs but on doing a quick Facebook search I found Danny. Very affordable and after having a long hard think for about 2 minutes I dived into the deep end and signed up!! Well, I've never looked back and can't recommend him enough. I was completely honest with him about my diet as I knew it was bad and this was due to me having no structure to my meals and travelling up and down the UK by car and plane for work. Danny came up with a great plan for me. Split everything up into easy to manage chunks and gave me simple but tasty recipes to try. Even Pizza! I couldn't believe my plan as it looked as if I was eating a lot more? I questioned this and his answer was yes that's true but better quality food. Well I could go on about what he did for me and how great I found the whole experience but there isn't enough words for it. What I will say is if your after someone who takes Nutrition and your health and fitness seriously then sign up. In 3 months I lost 1 stone and have gone from doing 20-30mins of exercise 3 times a week to pretty much doing 90mins a day 90% of the month including running 5/10ks regularly and I've signed up to my first half marathon in January! I will be looking out for more of his deals and signing up again in a few months to make sure I continue what I'm doing. If you need a nutritionist for weight loss, sports fitness advice etc then Webber Nutrition is the place to go. More...

21 August 2019

Best money I’ve ever spent, very knowledgeable and genuine guy.

19 August 2019

Danny was excellent and gave me all the advice I was after and more! Looking forward to put it all into practise.

5 July 2019

I first spoke to Danny towards the end of August 2018, when I found out I had a place for the prestigious London Marathon 2019! !

When I spoke to Danny, he was recommended via Bark. I was really impressed with his kind nature, honesty, support and plan he devised.

I worked with Danny for 8 months, where he offered great advice for nutrition, which was really helpful when marathon training really ramped up.

Danny nailed the carb loading nutrition for me, which allowed me to run all of the distance.

A chap who knows his stuff and a great nice guy. Cheers Danny, I would recommend without a doubt.


9 May 2019

Danny has been incredibly helpful throughout my journey. Having been yoyo dieting for a while I refused to both jump on the scales and count calories. Danny understood and tailored the plan to my needs with these two things in mind without any hesitation. This wasn't necessarily a diet for me, I wanted to improve my nutrition overall. Since my plan I have continued to make healthier choices using the advice and meal plans given to me by Danny. Would recommend. More...

30 April 2019

Danny helped me loose fat whilst still gaining muscle. The meal plans were incredibly helpful and detailed explaining what and when I should eat to achieve maximum results. I found everything very easy to follow as it was moulded around my day. I feel I have learnt a lot about food and nutrients after my 12 week plan. 100% recommend to anyone that needs a little help achieving their goals. More...

22 February 2019

Danny is very knowledgeable, patient and extremely helpful. He taught me about food timings, the importance of protein consumption, how to eat around my training etc. He helped me understand food a lot more and has given me lots of help and tips that have become habits and will stay with me over the long term. Thanks Danny, speak to you again soon. More...

8 January 2019

I completed the 4 week Xmas weight loss plan and was really pleased with the results, I lost 9lb in just 4 weeks! I was only training once a week due to back issues but still achieved great results and felt great. I would highly recommend the Webber Nutrition plans, they are easy to follow and provide a good range of quick and easy recipes. Danny is always on hand with tips or to provide support too. More...

28 December 2018

Highly recommended! The fat loss programme was so easy to follow with great meal ideas and support throughout. Danny was always able and willing to answer any questions. The results I’ve had speak for themselves, I’m made up! More...

23 December 2018

Excellent easy to follow meal plans that are structured around the foods I like and are easy to prepare. Danny works with you to make sure it fits in with your lifestyle which other diets/plans don’t.

1 November 2018

Outstanding personal service. Really helped me achieve my goals after being confused by conflicting information online. Would definitely recommend to anyone, whether you're starting out or serious athlete!

16 June 2018

Danny was great from minute one. Very approachable and made things simple. I'd recommend to anyone who wants to improve their health and/or fitness.

10 June 2018

Fantastic service from Danny. He listened to my needs and goals to provide me with a great meal plan and lots of regular support. Have recommended to all my friends & colleagues. More...

30 January 2018

Approached Dan for guidance re dietary/lifestyle changes i needed to make-he assessed my current situation and gave me useful ,objective feedback in a very professional manner. I have been able to use his input to make the positive changes i needed,and would strongly recommend his services to others More...

30 January 2018

Absolutely superb service from Webber Nutrition. Danny gave us some great advice and meal ideas which made the plan easy to follow and very enjoyable. Highly recommended

25 April 2017

I hired Danny to help with my nutritional side of training and prepping for my first endurance obstacle event last year at the ripe old age of 44. Support and advice was excellent and the diet plan was great and was amazed with the improvement in energy levels and recovery. Forget trendy diets etc, one to one coaching can make the difference. More...


Everything you do and everything you are is influenced by what you eat. There is no magic pill, special diet or quick fix to mimic the power of a healthy diet.

Finding a healthy and balanced diet that you enjoy and can stick to is the key to improving health, maintaining a healthy weight and maximising sports performance.

Nutrition is not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

There is no better feeling than helping people to improve their lives. I thrive on seeing the positive changes people make to their health. physical appearance and sporting performance, simply by teaching them how to eat correctly to support their personal needs.

Everybody eats food, therefore everybody should know what types of foods help their body perform at its best.

After completing my Master's degree I knew I wanted to help people live healthier and happier lives. I was conscious of the many myths, fad diets and reliance on supplements for health and weight loss that do more harm than good, and as a specialist in sports nutrition and keen sportsman, I also thrive on helping athletes of all levels and ages achieve their full potential. This led me to become a freelance Performance Nutritionist to reveal the truths about nutrition and help clients achieve sustainable goals, perform better and live happier lives.

If you're struggling to see results and think your nutrition is what's holding you back (9/10 times it is), I will help you get results and maintain them.

Look at the photos below. Whatever your goals, achieve them whilst enjoying GREAT TASTING FOOD.

Don't look for the next quick fix or popular diet. This is not sustainable. If you're serious about long-term results, my bespoke nutrition guidance and support will give you the accountability you need to improve your health, weight and sports performance.



1 hour session.

In-person or remotely via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime/phone call.

We will discuss everything about you, your goals and how your training and lifestyle influences these. I will identify gaps in your diet and together we will create a plan of action to help you achieve your personal goals.

Bespoke nutrition coaching to help you maximise your energy levels and training performances. We will create a plan of action to improve your nutrition that it tailored to your every day nutritional requirements and lifestyle. You will receive unlimited support to keep you accountable and together we will continually strive to achieve your personal best.

- Anytime email and What's App contact
- Weekly check ins
- Extensive support and accountability
- Extensive menu planning and recipes

This 12 week package will teach you how to create a balanced and healthy diet that is tailored to your nutritional requirements and every day lifestyle. Learn how to shred body fat to achieve your desired body image, improve energy levels and overall health, which you can then maintain for long-term success.

You will receive:
Easy to follow meal plans
Personalised energy and nutrient targets
Weekly check-ins and tracking using MyFitnessPal
Variety of simple and delicious recipes
Unlimited 1-2-1 assistance from start to finish

This is not a 12 week diet, it's a nutrition lifestyle that can continue for the rest of your life!!

Tailored to your nutritional requirements, you'll get 3 single day nutrition plans to help you achieve your goals.

1 x training day
1 x non-training day
1 x weekend/relaxed eating day