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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I provide bespoke 1:1 private coaching to enable you to take back charge of your body and health.

I provide expert , evidence based advice; no nutrition nonsense or magic bullets.

Tailored to your needs

Flexible (daytime and evening appointments)

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8 March 2019

I’ve been working with Mel a few weeks now after seeing an offer on Facebook. I felt I needed to sort myself out and thought this would be a good start. Not only has Mel got me and my husband eating more fish beans and pulses, she had done this by sending me the easiest of recipes that taste great. Mel is also working with me on my conference this is done in a none judgmental way. She has also put me in touch with other people who may be able to help me as well. I enjoy working with Mel and would 100% recommend her. More...

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18 September 2018

Over the years we've been told eggs, potatoes, butter are "bad for you"...eat low fat, avoid diary and so on. It got to the stage that i was eating food i did not like because it was "good for me".

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25 July 2018

Face to face help with looking at your relationship with food and reasons you eat what you eat. Not a dictatorial regime in sight, the best way forward to a healthier lifestyle.

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A healthy diet is vital to good health and well-being. There is a lot of confusion and mis-understanding around what a healthy diet is however - what's the truth about carbs, sugar, fats and protein for example? With so much pressure to conform and achieve unrealistic body shapes and physiques, there is immense popularity in cutting out food groups and dieting which creates a really negative relationship with food and ourselves.

Not meeting your body's nutritional needs means you could develop nutrient deficiencies, experience tiredness or exhaustion and not be able to carry out all the things you need or want to do. Headaches, poor concentration, poor sleep, increased stress and recurrent illness are all consequences of poor eating.

It's the doing it; the habit changing that's often most difficult - with a life that is full on, time is so our biggest challenge. Being on the go, grabbing food to make do and not realising the importance of YOU and self care means we fail to eat the right foods.

I love working with my clients; I really get to know them because we work so closely. I feel very privileged to be on their journey with them, holding their hand and guiding but seeing and hearing about the light bulb moments is fabulous. When things click into place and they really start to make changes, it's a wonderful thing to watch.

I love nutrition so read, read and listen to it all the time!! Books, audio books, pod casts, you name it.

I also do quite a bit of media work so that keeps me up to date and on my toes!

A coupe of things
1. I wanted a better work life balance and to have more time for me and my family. After 20+ years lecturing and working in nutrition it was time for a change. My health had deteriorated over a number of years so I had to take the bull by the horns and leave full time employment otherwise I would never know!

2. I have a food story behind me, as do many people. I wanted to use that to inspire and support others. Making a difference in other peoples lives is really my purpose now.

3. I feel very passionate about getting the right message our there. I am not afraid to tackle the diet industry and act on behalf of the consumer and person who is trying to make the right choices. I get cross with companies and non-qualified nutritionists who take advantage of people's vulnerabilities, mislead and misguide them. I'm on your side!

1. Expertise, Experience, Qualifications, Passion - check out my website and my LinkedIn page (Mel Wakeman)
I am a registered nutritionist (with the Association for Nutrition) which means I have credibility and offer safe and trusted advice.
2. I don't do generic advice or support - I have my clients best interest at heart
3. I do more than food and nutrition - you can't work on your diet without factoring in sleep, life's commitments and priorities, activity, stress and self compassion and self care.