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Viva Visa UK Ltd is based in London, regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). We provide professional UK visa & immigration law services and advice to clients worldwide.

We will support you and provide you a comprehensive assessment in order to integrate with the requirements of your visa application, ensuring a smooth-running application process.

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Everybody loves to hear positive feedback from all their hard work, and so are we, we are excited and motivated when we hear positive outcome from the authority and compliments from our clients. Helping our client to get their UK visa is challenging as getting a visa can be complicated - there is a lot of requirements to meet. If any of the requirements has not been met, the authority may reject your application which will leave a bad record in your immigration history.

Starting our own business is challenging and rewarding, as we love challenges, everyday is new, there is no same day here, so we start our own business when we have ability to do so.

People born in one country may not like to stay in the same country forever, we love to travel around the world and explore different places, but before entering a new country, there is a lot of preparation to do prior to the trip or even settling in one country. We have many years of experience assisting foreign nationals to apply for their UK visa and clients who used our service have a higher success rate of getting their visa granted.

Yes, our service is 100% online and our service is delivered remotely, so our clients need not to worry about travelling to meet us in person, that's why we can provide service to clients from all over the world.

We have moved our whole service line to digital, we communicate with our client over the telephone and via emails, clients can meet us face to face online, which allows us to meet them anywhere without wasting time on travelling to each other. Our business is also environmental friendly that we share documents electronically.


If you are from Hong Kong and are a British national (overseas) or your family member is a British national (overseas).

If you are coming into the UK for tourism, to perform certain business activities, to study a short course, to take part in academic exchange programme or for medical reasons.

If you are looking to study on a further or higher education course in the UK.

If you have more than £2 million to invest in the UK.

If you are coming to the UK to get married or to join your family member who is settled in the UK.

If you want to live permanently in the UK.

There are different ways to apply for British citizenship based on your circumstances. If you’re eligible in more than one way you can choose which way to apply.

If you are a Commonwealth citizen and can prove one of your grandparents was born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

International sportsperson or qualified coach coming to the UK may need to apply for sportsperson visa.

UK employers who wish to hire foreign workers will usually require a Sponsor Licence. We can assist with Sponsor Licence application and assigning CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship).

You may require a work visa even if you wish to work in the UK for a short period of time.

We offer services for work visa applications for foreign workers on a long term business project in the UK.