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I am a UK Leek based photographer focused on children and family, wedding and portrait, but also embraces fashion, property, and automotive photography.

I love being a photographer partaking and capture those special moments as well as emotions that are closest to peoples hearts.



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Able to communicate with the viewer, have the right connection, character and strenght.

What is the requirement and expected outcome?
What is in scope and out of scope?
What is the style of the shoot?
Number of final shots required?
What is the shots intended to use for?
What stage, location has been chosen, or have in mind?
Will retouch be required?
What specification do the images need to meet?
What is the best way to deliver the final images?
Soft and hard timelines, delivery dates
Target audience?
How did they find me?
Payment terms, budget?

Customer happiness, personal achievent, art and creativity.

Photography is a special art, has endless creativity, inspires imagination, and gives back that special moment in time.

I have a well rounded phontography educational background and experience.
Proven track record of success and delivering photography projects to time and quality.
I am able to cope and stay one step ahead of the schedule and anticipate the unexpected.
I conduct myself always professionally.
I am punctuate, reliable, and last but not least, very honest.