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Vadher Consulting

Weybridge, Surrey, Surrey

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Vadher Consulting offers a bespoke experience to small business owners in Surrey, London and The South West.

We know how difficult it can be trying to run a small business. Having to be Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations AND do all the front line work can be extremely exhausting!

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I provide the following services:

Services offered:
Cost Reduction
Increasing Revenue
Budget review and planning
Identifying potential new business opportunity based on financials
Legal advice*

*Legal advice is provided by Greyfriars Solicitors - My family's legal practice based in Leicester! P.S don't worry about the distance, they will use Skype to contact you if needed!

I think that there are two sides to this answer

1) It allows you to make sure you are keeping to the legal requirements that the government have set out for businesses.
2) It allows you to make the most of your resources

Accountants usually specialise in one or the other. I specialise in the latter.

I love the fact I am making a difference to peoples lives! Making them easier and making it so they can realise their full financial potential. The variety of different issues faced in finance always keeps me on my toes as you can never employ the same way of thinking twice.

I have always had a need to help others. Working in a corporate environment as I do currently, it can become all too easy to forget that there are other people, such as the people reading this, that are trying their hardest to provide a service to the public because that is how they feel they can best contribute to our world. It isn't always easy and I would love to help those who help others. I think everyone needs a hand sometimes and that is what I am here to do. Just to help you get to where you need to get.

For me this isn't about the money, for me this is all about me using a skill I have got, to help others. Whether it's saving them enough money to buy the new coffee machine their cafe is in need of or whether it's saving enough monthly to prevent them from closing their doors for the last time. Any difference I can make is enough for me.