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Personal trainer in Falkirk, who can also offer run specific training, race plans, race prep, triathlon coaching and training plans.
I will meet with you initially to establish what you want, make sure your goals are realistic then discuss how best to get you there.


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6 October 2019

Thanks to Malkie for all his advise both pre and post Marathon running. Having never run a Marathon before and worry about heat, nutrition, exhaustion etc Malkie was able to give some great advise throughout my journey.

29 May 2019

Malkie was a great help achieving my recent goals of half and full marathon. Great at giving advice and tips! Definitely recommend


I meet with the client and go through what they want to achieve/ what their goals are. I then make sure that's realistic and achievable both physically and in a time frame too. I determine what time you have and what your preference is for fitness i.e. if you have young kids but little childcare, then I can build routines for you to complete at home; I can then go through them with you once a week/ fortnight/ month, depending on your motivation and budget.
Or, if you want to run a marathon/ half or 10k, I can not only provide a plan but tailor it to you depending on whether you have a time in mind. I can also run with you on occasion to check in on your progress against your plan.

Accepting that it takes time and commitment and the more you put in, the quicker it can be achieved.

Seeing people achieve their goals!
Working with different people to achieve different goals.

To pass on my knowledge and experience of fitness and exercise.

I treat each client separately and everything I do or offer is based on reality, not theory! i.e. if you have limited free time for exercise, I pride myself on making it fit in around your busy schedule.