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For the last two decades I've worked on one simple question: "How does change happen?"

In 2004, it happened for me, when I recovered from addiction, and in the following decades I trained as a psychotherapist and practiced in both counselling and coaching.

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31 January 2022

Nick Shepley from Transform Counselling and Coaching has latterly changed my life. I have seen him now for 4 years and his wisdom, knowledge and incredible way of counselling is truly top class. I truly feel heard whenever I am in the room with him and I feel he really understands me. I would recommend him to anyone who needs counselling. More...


I love watching change happen in others, seeing awakenings and realisations, watching as my clients horizons grow, there is nothing quite like it.

I was inspired to start my own business because I love working with others and know that Transform is a great way of helping to facilitate change, growth and fulfillment.

I believe my clients have the answers to their problems and I work with them to find and then crucially implement solutions. I work with my clients for as long as is needed to bring lasting change and I respect their autonomy, their desires and hopes and always meet them where they are starting from.

Yes, I do distance counselling and coaching via zoom or phone

I offer counselling and coaching online if requested


We all reach moments in life where it becomes hard to make that transition to something new. A fear might hold us back, or we might want something different, but not quite know what. With Transform life coaching, we can figure out who you are, what your purpose is, what your journey is and what the route to your destination looks like.

Have you ever stopped and wondered whether a job or even a vocation is right for you? Have you ever dreamed of advancing your career but not been sure how? Are you at the top of your game but strangely unfulfilled? Are you at the end of your career, but need something exciting to move on to, not simply 'retirement'? With career coaching, we can work together to understand your real desires, wishes and ambitions, and then work out the roadmap to fulfulling them.

As you read this, are you right at your limits to deal with the stress you are under? Sometimes it can feel like we have no choice than to live with stressful feelings and thoughts, but this isn't true. We will explore the stresses in your life and work out a game plan to manage them and reclaim your time and peace of mind.

I have worked in the field of addiction for seven years and have been in recovery from addiction from eighteen. It can be hard for someone to really understand what you're going through if they haven't experienced it too, and I work with my clients to understand the complex condition they are burdened with, and how we can find ways to wellness, recovery and abstinence.