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I help my clients get out of the chronic pain that long standing dysfunctions have caused.

My approach is unique, as I combine the common mechanical approach with a neurological approach to movement. It is the integration of these approaches that has helped me achieve some amazing results with clientele, as it allows me to identify referred pain and dysfunction that standard assessment processes have perhaps missed.

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5 October 2017

I had arm discomfort in both biceps tendon with out being to extend properly, took 1 session to relieve strain in both arms. Took about 45mins to completely get rid of pain. Before treatment, pain was 7 out of 10 and couldn't extend very much, after treatment, full range of movement with pain at 1 or 2 out of 10 More...


I help their brain to communicate more effectively with the systems that control their movement, and then I help my clients to drive those systems, strengthening them and creating more control over their posture, movement, and pain problems.

Staying disciplined with general health - consistent and effective nutrition, hydration, sleep, sunlight exposure, and exercise over a sustained period of time. Anyone who says it can happen through high intensity workouts alone with curls and crunches within a time period that gets you excited (i.e. too soon to be true) is either poorly informed or just saying it to make a sale.

Watching clients who have given in to the expectation of just living with aches and pains for life go through the process of first getting out of constant pain, sleeping better, starting to move normally again and then finally getting stronger and reaching a point physically that they never expected to reach again. That is immensely rewarding for me.

Having a lack of freedom to help people with what I was interested in and good at (pain and functional biomechanics) in a commercial setting. Being pushed to sell the very concepts I knew didn't work and that I now spend a lot of time reversing the debilitating effects of in my clients made me realise that starting my own business based around helping people with pain problems and improving performance through methods that will not have negative side effects a few years down the line would be the best way to do what I was good at, what I wanted to do and help people simultaneously.

The holistic nature of my business (being able to help with pain and rehabilitation all the way through to high performance exercise for athletes) allows a far more personal experience. The sheer complexity of our bodies makes the importance of delivering the correct interventions at the correct times absolutely critical to reaching goals quicker.
Therefore, being able to go through this whole process with the same professional who knows exactly what you are and aren't capable of is so much more valuable compared with being passed around by multiple 'specialists' who can only use the information they've gathered over the short period of time they've been working with you. As a professional, having the understanding of exactly what you are and aren't ready for makes me far more useful to you than I, or anyone else would be if all I had was a medical history.


This unique and holistic therapy allows the identification of specific areas in your system where communication links have broken down. This means that the signals from this part of your body are not reaching the brain properly or vice versa, and can play a big part in painful areas/movements and long-standing injuries.
Through the use of Applied Movement Neurology, we can uncover these areas of communication drops, and help restart the conversation again, allowing muscles to turn back on, and to work together with your tendons, nerves, and all the other parts of your body that influence your posture, movement and pain.

My approach to Personal Training is different to that of most PTs - I focus on rebuilding efficient patterns of movement that will improve posture, joint pain, movement ability and functional strength.
This means ditching the exercise bikes and machines, and developing your body's movements instead of your body's parts. Using functional biomechanics, we can build on what we achieved during Neuro-Skeletal sessions in order to again achieve a pain-free, healthier lifestyle.