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Hi there! My name is Tanya, and I'm Founder here at TN Education Coaching and Mentoring Limited, and the voice behind 'Tanya - The Classroom Coach and Mentor'. I help you either as a student, a parent or a teacher to overcome the many challenges of daily school life - and life beyond the daily grind.

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13 April 2020

My eldest son was about to transition from primary to secondary school. I felt he required some guidance and reassurance. Tanya's calm and collected approach really helped Harley feel relaxed and at ease . Tanya broke things down into small chunks which helped Harley to digest and understand what he needed to look at. Tanya excelled both professionally and methodically. Not only did Harley come out feeling positive, as the parent I came out feeling more informed on my understanding going forward during this daunting time. Highly recommended. More...


Coaching and teaching are completely enmeshed in one core way: the unpredictable and dynamic nature of dealing with humans means that no two days (or sessions) are ever the same!

There is something to be learnt with every personal encounter. Everyone can learn from another, no matter how young or old, or how many years of experience held.

Teaching is an amazing career choice and working with people, school-aged or otherwise, is so tremendously rewarding. There is an enormous amount of energy that goes into this role on a daily basis and ‘the job’ requires dedication and commitment to be able to deliver and present content continuously.

Over time, largely because of my own personal challenges and the coaching work I’ve offered to adults, I’ve become increasingly aware of the challenges that young people face in order to just show up each day - not unlike the average adult. So I began opening up a discussion around their personal challenges, setbacks and fears - and importantly, goals for life. From this, I introduced more coaching-style conversations into my teaching work and the results and feedback hace been incredibly positive.

I'd like my work to extend well beyond the classroom, beyond the teaching of Science and beyond the 11-18 age range. I am interested in people, what drives them, what their challenges are and how, with some simple conversation, the challenges can be worked around to free someone of something that was, up to a point, so limiting to them and their progress. Ultimately, I’d like to help individuals achieve their goals sooner rather than later!

I like people - a lot! I enjoy talking to people and hearing their individual stories and I pride myself on being able to develop a warm and friendly rapport with even the most difficult of characters. My listening skills have been well honed over the years. Whilst I have many years of experience, I am always learning; I don't profess to have or know all of the answers, but I will always do my best to work through a problem with you to arrive at a best possible solution. I'm here for you, whatever your needs are and I would love the chance to work with you.


A 5-session programme which addresses behaviours, attitudes and habits that both hinder and facilitate progress towards your goals - whatever they may be.

This programme, whilst drawing on some of the most influential and successful coaching models across the globe, is a distilled down, bespoke offering tailored specifically around your needs and goals in mind.

This programme can be tailored for any age and will get you clear about your goals and how to achieve them.