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I cover a very vide and varied amount of issues such as:
Historical Sexual Childhood Abuse, Rape & Trauma
Anxiety & Depression
Personality Disorders
Anger management
Relationship difficulties
Self Harm
Self Loathing

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The main thing I love about my work, is by seeing how (through the counselling process) my clients are able to completely transform the quality of their lives. I have clients from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, and different problems, however people can be generally 'stuck' in a way of thinking, a way of relating, or in a way of behaving, that causes them harm. Therefore, I help people to identify the obstacle, that stands directly between them, and the life they truly desire. I also help people to become very self aware, and by the time our work together has ended, my clients are able to away, with a great understanding of themselves, self acceptance & an invisible tool bag that helps them address any future problems that may arise. So - what I love most, is helping to make a difference, and helping to create positive change in peoples lives.

I was inspired to set up my own private counselling practice ( after working as a volunteer counsellor for many different organisations over the years) because most organisations worked to a limited amount of sessions. And most clients' I worked with at this point, needed more sessions. I feel this situation was as frustrating for me, as it was for my clients. Having my own business changed all of that - I can now work until the work is complete. My clients are the experts on themselves, they know, and they feel, when the time is right to end.

I am so passionate about helping people, and helping to make a difference. I offer my clients a very comfortable space, in which they are free to be themselves. I am non judgmental, and really listen to my clients pain, and life struggles. I take my clients on a journey, helping them to discover their real selves. I help them to put the jigsaw puzzles of their life together, helping them to see the links between the past, and where they are now. I am able to pin point the effects of the unconscious , and make them aware of it's effects in the present moment. I help them to look into the future and create the life they desire. I also help them to become more self aware, more resilient, and more understanding of themselves and others. my clients are always in control, and I never take them anywhere they don't want to go.