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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Hi, I’m Peter, the Director of Time Out Drum Therapy.

Given our current circumstances with the restrictions placed upon us by the Coronavirus, I am now able to provide my service remotely online as well as by phone.

I started my business 8 years ago, having previously qualified and worked as a social worker and probation officer for 15 years.

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16 June 2021

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

My favourite hour of learning. I cannot recommend Peter highly enough. He is smart, perceptive, compassionate and has worked hard for his profession which is something that comes through so clearly on our sessions when we speak - he explains everything very clearly but in a way that prompts you to arrive to conclusions by yourself. He never wants to speak for you but with you. And this is empowering. I like it when people are dedicated to helping others in the most respectful way, being professionals, listening and challenging, showing how to start thinking everything through different lens and angles. I thought I started counselling because I wanted to have control over my thoughts and emotions, but, in reality all I wanted was someone to support me while I was letting go. Peter, I will always be grateful. More...

2 June 2021

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

This was the first time I had undertaken any kind of therapy, so I was quite wary to begin with. However, Peter completely put me at ease right from the start. He is very understanding and easy to talk to. I thought any kind of therapy would be all serious and gloomy, but Peter has a good sense of humour, which I really appreciated. He is very encouraging and positive, and no matter how I felt at the start of each session, I always felt better about myself at the end.
Thank you Peter for your support and encouragement over the last few months.

17 May 2021

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

I would definitely recommend Peter to any of my friends or family , he is very person centred and very flexible . Over our 6 months or so of working together, I've had other things crop up that have impacted my mental health and wellbeing and Peter has been happy to let me discuss this with him at the time rather than me needing to stick to a set agenda.
Since working with Peter intensively for the past 6 months or so with a 1 hour session every week, I have gained in confidence and self belief and has helped me both personally and professionally.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the last few months I really do appreciate it

1 April 2021

Helped my daughter enormously, she is now in a much better mindset & is ready to cope with what the world throws at her. The sessions gave her a positive outlook & the tools to cope with any negativity in the future. More...

1 April 2021


Peter was so reassuring right from 1st session I feel able to totally open up to him. He let me guide to conversation and asked me thought provoking questions to allow me see things from a more positive perspective. It was a huge contribution to my journey back to mental well-being More...

22 March 2021


Peter is very professional non judgemental, easy to talk to and very very motivating. At the start of my counselling, I was very anxious and apprehensive but within minutes of my first video counselling session I was put at ease with his calm approach and polite manner. Peter has been so helpful and respectful of my journey and with his expert guidance, insight and support, has helped me get my life and relationships back on track. I can’t thank Peter enough and would without doubt recommend his professional services. More...

14 March 2021

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Excellent engagement process and a company that “gets it”.

Thank you.

23 February 2021


Absolutely fantastic! What I have learnt from Peter and how I have implemented changes have changed my life, I cannot recommend enough. Thank you for everything over these last 6 months! More...

16 February 2021

Child Counselling

Peter at Time Out Drum Therapy has been working with my 10 year old son over the last 5 months.
We have found Peter to be very warm and friendly and he made both my son and I feel completely at ease.
It has been a very positive experience for us, with fantastic results.
Harmony has been restored in our family and we can’t thank Peter enough for all his help.
We have both thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter and will really miss our fortnightly meetings.

15 February 2021

Peter from Time Out Drum Therapy has been working with our children on a weekly basis for approximately four years, offering a first class service. During this time he has supported a number of students who require additional support for a number of reasons. He is dedicated to providing a first class service specific to the individual needs of each child, building positive relationships that the children look forward to each week.
The work that Peter has carried out has had a lasting impact on the student. As no two children deal with emotions in the same way he has tailored the support to the individual child, working with children who are experiencing anger management issues, explaining self-regulation, supporting those experiencing anxiety and depression, to name but a few.
I am thankful for his time spent with the children and the life-long experiences he has provided.
I would definitely recommend his counselling and therapy sessions.

Berni Wynne

7 November 2020


I would definitely recommend using this service.

After being apprehensive due to lack of experience with psychotherapy/counselling, Peter immediately put me at ease with a very welcoming style. Over the course of our sessions he was very quick in identifying issues and providing solutions, which have helped me immensely over the course of our sessions.

Overall, I would 100% recommend using this service to anyone considering it. Thank you very much to Peter for an uplifting experience, which has left me in a much healthier place than I was before.

25 April 2020

Winterton Community Academy is a coeducational secondary school with academy status, located in North Lincolnshire and providing education and learning to over 500 pupils aged between 11 and 16 years.

Peter uses counselling and psychotherapy skills, with and without the use of drums to provide therapy to those pupils referred to his service. The students referred require additional support for a variety of reasons, this at times may relate to the students school or home life.

Peter, has been supporting our students at Winterton Community Academy with great commitment and professionalism. Students feel at ease and within a safe environment with Peter and enjoy the dedication that he shows towards the them during the designated sessions. Sessions are varied times lengths as no two pupils are the same. Peter shows care, compassion, understanding and empathy and supports each student uniquely according to their identified need. Peter is committed to helping each student and gives time, understanding and sensitivity to enable each individual to build a positive relationship. This serves to allow and empower free talk time and time to play the drums as part of the therapeutic sessions.

Alison Burman
Inclusion and Safeguarding Officer
Winterton Community Academy

24 April 2020

Peter at Time Out Drum Therapy has been working with one of our Children in Care students on a weekly basis from October 2019 and is dedicated to offering a first class service to his students.

Peter is such a likeable person who is very caring and passionate about his work that he carries out with his students. I personally feel that you have to be a type of person for a vulnerable young student to feel comfortable and relaxed in their surroundings and Peter definitely offers this.

The work that Peter has carried out so far has had amazing benefits for our student which has allowed him to deal with his anger issues through different techniques that Peter has discussed with the student. This has allowed the student to deal with situations more calmly and think about the impact that negative behaviour may cause to his own self esteem and in turn giving him more confidence to deal with every day life.

This is a valuable service that Peter offers to a wide variety of clients and one we look forward to starting again, hopefully very soon.

22 April 2020

“Drum Therapy? Errrr What”??

I have never done anything like this before and didn’t know what to expect.
I had been asked if I would like to take part in a session with Pete and was told that I could play some drums and just chat to a guy about whatever was on my mind but that I didn’t have to if I felt uncomfortable.

When I met Pete I didn’t really know what to say so was abit quiet.
Pete told me who he was and told me about what he does.
I could see some drums and drumsticks but that was about it.
To start with I didn’t really say much but Pete talked to me and asked me questions about me and my life and family.
He would tell jokes and make weird faces and that made me feel better.
Pete always listened to what I was saying and talked to me about my problems with anger and behaviour.

Me and Pete would talk for abit and then we would play drums on a bongo drum that he brought with him. He had an electric drum too which makes loads of noises and I could play with sticks.
I hadn’t played drums before and was abit shy but after a few goes it was easy and I could play along with songs I like.
Me and Pete would play games with the drums and have races with our hands.
Sometimes we played drums first and sometimes we talked first but we always did both. Sometimes I didn’t want to talk so we played drums more but we still talked to each other.

Pete made me feel comfortable and safe in the room and when I did talk Pete would listen and ask me questions. We talked about ways to deal with my anger and he drew a circle and we put things inside it like what makes me angry, what happens when I get angry and how I feel when I am angry.
We talked about this a lot and who my behaviour affected.
We also talked about other feelings like happiness, sadness, depression, anxiety, confidence and mindset. When I spoke to Pete he said we needed to build up my confidence and that the drums would help but I didn’t believe him.
I did realise though that I became more confident at playing drums.
I used to look at the floor when Pete asked me questions and didn’t feel confident about looking up. Now, Pete has made me feel confident about myself and I don’t have to look somewhere else when I am talking to anyone’. 

Since starting with Pete I have been in less trouble, I get on with my work and ignore people that bother me.
I feel a lot happier and feel more confident about myself.
I love my drum sessions and I look forward to them so much that I get there early.

Thank you Pete.

22 April 2020

Peter Oak

A review from St Hugh’s School, a state special school for young people aged between 11 and 19 years. The school provides education and learning for those students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Moderate Learning Difficulty, Physical Disability and issues around Speech, Language and Communication needs. Within these, a range of behaviour is presented by students, particularly around emotional distress and challenging behaviour from anger and conflict, anxiety and depression, attachment and identity issues, relationship problems, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, poor motivation, negative thoughts and other issues.

Peter provided a dual approach to therapy with our students with the use of counselling skills and with and without the use of drums.

In terms of the counselling skills perspective of Peter’s work, he was able to ‘connect’ and communicate effectively and with compassion with the students with the use of his skills in listening, summarising and clarifying what had been said, focusing on the issues being talked about, reflecting feelings back to the students (particularly with those who had difficulty in understanding their own feelings and emotions), supportive questions to help the student to clarify an experience of a feeling, and allowing silence to give time to think as well as talk, building levels of trust and safety, in order to feel comfortable with the experience.

Initially Peter made a link with school via our Music department in 2014 and worked in partnership with our school until 2019. The students had enjoyed the drum sessions so much that the school was keen to investigate further projects that Time Out Drum Therapy could facilitate. We were not disappointed when Peter agreed to complete some drumming therapy sessions with some of our youngsters experiencing challenges in their everyday life. The sessions were so beneficial to the students in supporting their emotional wellbeing that we broadened the remit from taking students 1:1, to small group work, lunchtime clubs and working with some of our more complex students. It was very evident that Peter had a passion for drumming and this in turn changed the lives of many of our students who became very proficient at drumming, showcasing their skills in assemblies and talent shows, not only developing a talent / hobby for life but also giving them a channel, to calm and regulate their emotions. We are very grateful for the experience this provided for youngsters that otherwise may have been unavailable in their school experience.

Katrina Pawlyszyn
Assistant Head teacher
St Hugh’s School


I love connecting with and supporting people and being able to enable and empower change. Its a pleasure to be helping people to become inspired and their true selves.

I wanted to bring a different perspective to this area of work and be able to create and provide a unique opportunity for people.

It’s key to be able to communicate effectively with each other. I provide a service which is able to connect, is free of judgement or assumption and which is focused upon people first.
I have a lot of experience of working effectively with many different groups of people.

I am able to provide and deliver services in many ways, through remote and online platforms, including Facetime and WhatsApp.

All our work during this pandemic, is completed online, except for some services in schools, where strict hygiene, protection and social distancing is thoroughly observed.