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I work with people who want to decrease stress and strengthen their ability to access positive emotions.

I'm especially interested in bodily focused repetitive behaviours and avoidance/restriction/selection of food intake disorders.

12 hour response time

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I love the moments where people realise who they really are and how much they’re capable of.

I’ve worked for blue chip corporations and small limited companies, all served their purpose whilst I built my life outside of my career. Now that I’m settled and my family is established, I can focus on what I have to offer other people and work in accordance with my values.

I am calm, patient and open minded. I understand it takes courage and a leap of faith to seek therapy therefore I have deep respect towards my clients needs. Even though life can seem all too serious when you’re dealing with difficulties, my sessions are a positive experience and paced to suit you.

Sessions are available via Google MeetUps or in person remotely. I have currently had one dose of a Covid vaccination.

All of my clients have received their sessions in accordance with government recommendations. I am scheduled for a second dose of a vaccine.


Learn a proven easy and accessible approach to instantly calm the nervous system and activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Conditions are provided to enter a comfortable and easy state which allows the permissive removal of undesired thoughts relating to a specific experience. New responses can be set for a positive expectation towards the future.

A positive and enlightening way of conversing which expands perspective and deepens understanding.