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Provide architectural services from small to large scale residential/commercial properties.

Architectural services
- 2D Architectural drawings
- Planning services
- Property extensions
- Loft conversions
- 2D/3D Visualisation
- Interior Design
- Structural drawings and report


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Garage conversions are great way to add additional space. It is cost effective as it does not require major works (structural). One important aspect of this is the space provided and what the proposal will be. If you are creating another bedroom than you will have to make sure the right changes are applied. Such as access and natural light (changing the front of the property by adding a window that matches existing windows)

Garage conversions fall within permitted development rights and would not require a application. However, it depends on the works that are done. If it is major works such as structural changes than you would have to make a Building control application.

The stages that are involved are as follow.
Architectural drawings to get the right layout within the floor area.
Building control application to make sure the proposal falls within the regulations

Loft conversions are really effective as it adds additional floorspace within the boundaries of your property. One of the important aspects of this is the roof height that the property has. The loft needs to be accessible by having enough clear internal floor to ceiling height. Also, have enough space on the first floor to add the additional staircase leading to the loft. You would not want to compromise on bedroom space or have uncomfortable tight space

To get started you would need architectural drawings to get the layout right from the staircase leading to the loft to making sure you have the height required by the measurements that were done. After that you would need to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate which is the quickest way to get a Certificate claiming your proposal is Lawfull and that it falls within the permitted development rights. It would have to be bellow the 40 cubic metre stated by councils.

Interior design process starts by understand the needs of the client and make sure their style of living is maintained throughout. This process would involve having the right drawings and items showing their style, include 3D visuals to make them understand how it all flows together

Interior Design styles can range from having modern clean open spaces or to having rustic classical style. Ofcourse there are many styles but having the flexibility between various styles is what can make it all flow under one roof.

I love having the freedom to pursue my passion which is being creative. I love creating and designing in all prossible ways.

I have always been confident in my abilities, having seen various businesses that started from the bottom and are well established now is great to see. Even seeing young people pursuing this path is inspiring.

Clients should choose me because I am very honest and open in what I do. I have the passion to create, to make sure what the client wants to achieve will be achieved. I am the kind of person that would not leave things half way. This flows all the way through the company and everyone involved.